Cop asks for Black Passengers CPR number in video
Cop asks for Black Passengers CPR number in video

Cop asks for Black Passengers CPR number in video

A man shared an interaction he had with police, where the officer appears to be asking for his social security number.

The first video showed part of the interaction between TikTok user Twisty (@ thekidnextdoor223) and a police officer who appears to be with Massachusetts State Police while Twisty is sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Twisty reiterated in several videos that he did not drive the car.

The video has over 1.7 million views.

@ thekidnextdoor223 PT2 coming soon 😂 #fyp シ Original sound – ONLY_TWISTY

“Sir, I gave you my information. Can you please run it? Please?” asks Twisty near the beginning of the video. “I do not have my ID on me. I do not have an ID.”

According to Legal match, “as a general rule, a passenger is unlikely to be required to show identification. However, law enforcement may require the passenger to show their ID if the officer has reasonable suspicion that the person has violated the law or was in the process of violating the law.” It’s not clear if Twisty is suspected of anything in this video.

“Listen, when someone’s having a hard time like this, it makes me nervous, so I call for backup,” the officer replies.

In addition, Twisty states that he has already given the officer his name and date of birth. The police officer acknowledges that this is true, but accuses Twisty of being “hesitant” about it.

“No, I was not. I told you I did not have my ID and I gave you my name. I spelled it out … I have it on video,” Twisty replies.

From there, there is an interaction between the officer and Twisty about what ID he may have. After a few attempts to answer his questions, Twisty becomes silent. At this point, the officer asks for his social security number.

Police officers are allegedly allowed to ask passengers for their social security numbers and any other information that may help them to be better identified. However, the person is generally not required to provide it, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

In a page-deleted follow-up video, Twisty said he gave the officer his social security number.

“What else was I supposed to do? He’s a fucking state trooper, bro. I do not have my ID on me and I was not trying to … make shit go bad. So I just cooperated,” the original sound said.

In a separate follow-up, Twisty provides more details about the event.

@ thekidnextdoor223 PT2🗣#fyp シ Original sound – ONLY_TWISTY

“So we’re just out for work … we’re starting to drive, [and] not even five minutes down the street, bridge, the lights are on, ”says Twisty, referring to the lights on a police car. “He gets up, walks over to my boy, asks him a few questions on the driver’s side. Then he walks over to my side and starts asking me questions.”

“Suddenly all the attention is on me,” he continues. “I said to him, ‘I do not have an ID. I do not have one on me. I left my purse at home.’ He asked for my name, I gave it … I gave him everything. “

Twisty then reveals that he has an ankle monitor. While ankle monitors are often used for house arrest, they have other uses, including pre-trial monitoring and detection of alcohol use. In addition, many people with ankle monitors have travel allowances for work and other necessities.

Commentators shared their support for Twisty and made jokes about the situation, specifically the officer’s request for Twisty’s social security number.

“He wants to take the bridge’s identity,” one said.

“Did he say social security number … no that can not be right,” another wondered.

“Nah Ssn is crazy … bro Finna, take out a loan,” said a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Twisty via the TikTok commentary and Massachusetts State Police.

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* First publication: May 10, 2022, at 08.22 CDT

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