COVID-19 boosters: 5 latest updates
COVID-19 boosters: 5 latest updates

COVID-19 boosters: 5 latest updates

About 43 percent of the country’s fully vaccinated population received a COVID-19 booster dose from February 22, according to the CDC data.

Here are five booster updates Beckers has been covering since February 11:

Nearly 55 percent of white people in the United States who are eligible for a booster have Received one. By comparison, this figure is about 44 percent among blacks and 39 percent among Hispanics / Latinos, according to CDC data updated Feb. 17. For more on the demographic characteristics of individuals receiving boosters, click here.

2. New York, Connecticut and California have each delayed enforcement of booster mandates for healthcare professionals with reference to potential exacerbation of staff shortages.

3. The FDA is review data to determine whether to approve a fourth dose or other booster of mRNA vaccine this fall, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal on Feb. 19. grown ups. Approval of a second booster will largely depend on whether studies determine that the extra dose boosts the human immune response, which may have decreased after a third dose.

4. A CDC study published on February 11 found the effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 boosters against hospitalization fell from 91 percent in the two months after a third dose to 78 percent after four months, which health authorities have said is still a strong level of protection.People who receive a COVID-19 booster that is a different brand from their primary vaccine line may be better protected against COVID-19, according to a study from Singapore published on February 11 in Journal of the American Medical Association.

5. CMS is now posting data on COVID-19 vaccine booster shots administered to nursing home residents and staff on its CareCompare website, the agency said on February 9th.

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