COVID-19 Campus Updates: February 17th Edition | CU Boulder today
COVID-19 Campus Updates: February 17th Edition |  CU Boulder today

COVID-19 Campus Updates: February 17th Edition | CU Boulder today


COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Requirements: Evidence of vaccination

To comply with CU Boulders updated COVID-19 manualmembers of the campus community are required to receive a vaccine booster that is shot off February 24th or five months after receiving the last dose of the original series, whichever is later.

Students, faculty and staff must upload proof of boosters through MyCUHealth portal.

COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Requirements: Exceptions

There are no predetermined medical exceptions to the COVID-19 vaccination booster requirement. However, persons who have previously received a COVID-19 vaccination may submit a medical or moral / ethical dispensation and still comply with the university’s vaccination reporting requirements if the exemption is submitted by 24 February.

Individuals who have previously filed a waiver do not need to take any further action at this time and will be considered in accordance with applicable university vaccine reporting requirements.

Students, faculty and staff must apply for a dispensation based on medical, ethical or moral reasons through MyCUHealth portal.

Mesh requirements and distribution

CU Boulder’s mask requirements for classrooms and indoor public spaces on campus, regardless of vaccination status, remain in place. Exceptions for events, classes or other group activities may be applied through the Public Health Office campus. There are currently no planned changes to the campus masking requirement.

Returns to teaching / work after a COVID-19 diagnosis

Anyone with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis via PCR test or positive rapid antigen test must contact Contact Tracing to get information specific to their relationship.

Absence due to a COVID-19 diagnosis

Student absence due to COVID-19 or isolation will be treated by the faculty as medical absence.

Supplementary sick leave may apply to faculty and staff. Information can be found at page with COVID-19 HR Guide. Below APS 5062: Take offare there leave provisions related to COVID-19 that may be available to employees due to State of Colorado Healthy Families and Workplaces Act.

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