COVID-19 cases fall as the health emergency in Indiana ends
COVID-19 cases fall as the health emergency in Indiana ends

COVID-19 cases fall as the health emergency in Indiana ends

Governor Holcomb on Thursday signed the order to end the state’s COVID-19 emergency after nearly two years.

INDIANAPOLIS – Friday was the first day since March 2020 that Indiana was no longer in a public health emergency.

Governor Eric Holcomb signed the executive order Thursday, after lawmakers approved House Bill 1001, which included steps that Holcomb said were needed to protect “improved federal funding.”

Part of the bill gave him the green light to repeal the statement almost two years later.

At the same time, the state sees a decline in cases and a return to normalcy.

On Friday, Indianapolis college basketball fans welcomed back downtown to start a busy March month.

This weekend, Gainbridge Fieldhouse is hosting the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament. Compared to last year, fans said they felt safer but that they are still cautious.

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“It looks like things are getting normal again, which is great, but I want to make sure we’re careful because we never want to go back. So let’s keep moving it forward and keep the number down, ”said Sudan Ellington.

Unlike March last year, there was no longer a need for masks in the room.

“So much better without masks,” said Erin Hillary, who came to see her daughter play for Indiana.

Health experts said these loosened rules and new guidelines are a sign that the country is starting to learn to live with the virus, just like other seasonal diseases.

“I think it’s nice to know that things are under control, that right now we can stop this health emergency and in a way try to normalize it and deal with it, just like we do other diseases, such as the flu,” said Dr. Christopher Belcher, who is a doctor. Medical Director of Infection Prevention at Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis.

Belcher also said the fall in cases is finally catching up with the hospitals.

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On Friday, Ascension treated St. Vincent 28 COVID-19 patients, which is a decrease of 74% compared to seven weeks ago.

He said this gives many healthcare professionals a moment to breathe as they catch up on other delayed surgeries and appointments.

“I hope to see some of the people who were just so tired and burnt out come back to us,” he said.

Two years into the pandemic, Belcher said the virus is much more controllable now.

“It’s not over. The virus is not gone. It continues to circulate, but things are much more manageable,” he said. “We know how to do it now. We are much better at it. ”

Right now, COVID-19 cases in Indiana is the lowest they have been since last summer.

At one point in January, the state reported more than 18,000 cases, now that number is less than 500.

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