COVID-19 cases rise again in Mississippi
COVID-19 cases rise again in Mississippi

COVID-19 cases rise again in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – You may not be aware that everyday cases count as much as you did two years ago. But COVID is still here and things are rising.

One doctor noted that they believe there is a wider network being cast with tests right now. For it is not so long ago that people did not feel angry, chalked it up to allergies with pollen and everything in bloom.

The numbers are nowhere near what we have seen at other waves of the pandemic. Yet doctors are noticing the now-familiar shift.

“We have certainly seen over the last two and a half weeks an increase in positive cases and an increase in contacts who have had to come in to be tested,” said Dr. Catherine Phillippi, TrustCare Kids Pediatrician.

“We have seen a few positive things where we had gone weeks without seeing a case,” noted Dr. Laura Miller, a family physician at Prentiss.

“We’ve been seeing this for about a month,” said Dr. Steve Threlkeld, Baptist Memorial Health Care, Medical Director of Infectious Disease.

Cases are rising fast. New York Times comparisons show that Mississippi’s cases have risen 279 percent from the average two weeks ago. That is a higher percentage change than anywhere else in the country.

“There are many people who suggest that there are five to 10 times as many cases in our society that you read about from public health sources, simply because so many people now, the vast majority, I think, do not call the Ministry of Health. to Tell them that their quick tests that they did in their living room are positive, ”Dr. Threlkeld added.

As a reminder, you can report these home tests to the Mississippi Department of Health directly on their Web site. But what about how to prevent infection when the number increases?

“So we are in a way in this area where we are going from the fears we had two years ago to how we can live with this,” said Dr. Miller. “We will certainly protect the vulnerable. We want to make smart decisions. “

The most important among these smart decisions is to be updated on your vaccines. Just today, it was announced that 5 to 11-year-olds are eligible for a Pfizer booster dose.

“I feel it will give such freedom and lack of worry and fear when we let children do what children have to do, go to camp, go on vacation, be at gatherings, go to birthday parties,” said Dr. Phillippi. “I feel like this is a very timely release of the vaccine. And from what I’ve read, it looks like Pfizer has actually proven that children who have been given a boost are 36 times more protected than just the average immunized patient. ”

As a reminder, if you are over 50 or immunocompromised, you are eligible for another booster dose. That’s if your first booster shot was at least four months ago.

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