COVID-19 deaths continue to affect Kansas families
COVID-19 deaths continue to affect Kansas families

COVID-19 deaths continue to affect Kansas families

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Covid-19 deaths remain high, though Omicron cases continue to decline. The CDC’s tracker shows that deaths have remained stable since the end of January. The moving average of seven days is about 2,200 deaths daily.

Deaths continue to affect Kansas families, and a Wichita family is working to fulfill their loved one’s last wish after the death of Covid.

Damon Benavente died earlier in February after being hospitalized in early December with covid-19. His family has he was a proud grandfather. Charlene Koepke, his daughter, says her father was caring, giving and the family rock.

Koepke says, “we did not even ask him to look after the baby; he’s like, hey, I’m coming to take the grandchildren. The main guy that we loved and were very attentive to us is no longer there. It’s not a simple phone call ‘hey dad I miss you. may I come and see you? ‘ I can not have it anymore. “

Their entire family was affected by COVID-19, and Charlene says the virus hit her father the worst of all. While many in the family were vaccinated, she says her father was not due to underlying health problems.

“Our whole family had it. And for us, at first, yes, it feels like a sinusitis, but what it’s permanently doing to you is that it’s ruining people. It’s ruining lives. He was on fans. He was on “Bypass. He was on dialysis. They tried, they physically tried everything,” says Koepke.

Demon died on February 2 at the age of 53. Charlene says they want to give her father the funeral he wanted, but they would spend $ 15,000 to cover the cost.

Koepke says, “he pre-purchased services and that sort of thing, and that was what he wanted. We’re just trying to do anything for his last dying wish. To do what we can to at least get what he wanted . “

If you would like to donate to help the family raise money for the funeral, Click here.

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