COVID-19 hits Wausau teenager Adriana Jasso – Community News

COVID-19 hits Wausau teenager Adriana Jasso

Adriana Jasso was able to visit her mother, Suzanne Holubiw, at Marshfield Medical Center before the facility closed to visitors.

WAUSAU – She got the call from doctors at the Marshfield Clinic Wausau Center at about 1am on November 4.

Adriana Jasso’s mother, Suzanne Holubiw, 43, had been treated there for COVID-19 since Oct. 13, Adriana said, and Suzanne had fared worse. The medical providers wanted Adriana to come to the facility; they felt it would be best to have her mother helicoptered to Marshfield Medical Center, where she could receive a higher level of care with more advanced equipment.

With a whirl of thoughts in her head, Adriana rushed to the hospital.

“I was sad, I was upset, I was confused,” she said. “All the doctors and nurses said, ‘Oh, it’s okay, it’s going to be okay. She’ll get more help,’ but I cried hysterically, because I thought, ‘Oh my god. This is crazy. It’s not happening. I’m making these decisions and I hope these are the right decisions.’”