COVID-19 hospital admissions continue to decline in Maine
COVID-19 hospital admissions continue to decline in Maine

COVID-19 hospital admissions continue to decline in Maine

The number of people hospitalized in Maine with COVID-19 continues to decline.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported 282 people were in the hospital Saturday, down 35 percent from a peak of 436 on Jan. 13. dived below 300 last Friday for the first time since before Thanksgiving, a promising sign for public health officials.

Of those admitted, 65 are in critical care, a 51 percent drop from the pandemic record of 133 on December 19th. Thirty-one patients are in ventilators. These indicators remain consistent with the data reported Friday, in which 294 patients were admitted. More than 4,100 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19 in Maine since the pandemic began.

Maine health officials reported four more COVID-19 deaths from Friday, bringing the pandemic to 1,828. The death toll has not fallen, though other indicators continue to show that the omicron rise is declining in Maine and nationwide.

The state also reported 1,924 new cases, though daily case counters in Maine no longer provide an accurate representation of the current transmission due to a massive backlog of positive tests and due to the increasing number of home tests. However, the number of untreated positive test results entering the Maine CDC every day has been steadily declining since mid-January. The total number of reported cases in Maine during the pandemic is 187,697.

More than 980,000 Mainers are considered fully vaccinated. That’s 73 percent of the state’s 1.3 million inhabitants. About 570,000, or 42 percent of the population, have also received a booster shot. Cumberland County has the highest percentage of fully vaccinated residents at 84 percent, while Somerset County has the lowest at 60 percent.

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