COVID-19 Hospitalizations Among Vaccinees on the Rise in West Virginia | News, Sports, Jobs – Community News

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Among Vaccinees on the Rise in West Virginia | News, Sports, Jobs

Photo courtesy of W.Va. Governor’s Office Governor Jim Justice informs the public at his Friday briefing that the percentage of vaccinated West Virginians among those hospitalized with COVID-19 has risen sharply.

WHEELING — West Virginia saw fewer COVID deaths this week, but the number of those vaccinated with COVID hospitalized is on the rise, according to Governor Jim Justice.

During a briefing with state media Friday morning, Justice read fewer names of those who have died from COVID in West Virginia since Wednesday.

But he and other state officials are still concerned about what the virus may bring in the coming weeks, and they are concerned that a new wave could begin.

He encouraged people who had not yet been vaccinated for COVID to get vaccinated. But he also noted that it is now becoming extremely important for people to get booster vaccinations.

West Virginia has dropped to 72% of those hospitalized while not vaccinating COVID — a sharp drop from recent weeks when 90% of hospitalized COVID patients had not received COVID injections.

Now 28% of them have it.

“How many of them do you think didn’t get their booster shot?” asked justice. “I bet it’s a couple.

“How many are sitting there crazy and wishing they’d had their booster shot? Don’t be them. Please don’t be them.”

Justice announced that as of Friday morning, 529 people with COVID had been hospitalized in West Virginia. Of this number, 183 were in intensive care and 91 on ventilators.

“It’s hard to look at that and say it’s better,” Justice said. “It’s slightly better, but it’s still far from great.”

State officials said hospital admissions, intensive care stays and people on ventilators “have reached a plateau”, and said they could increase again.

“While we have weathered parts of the most recent wave of COVID 19, we are definitely not out of the woods yet,” said Dr. Clay Marsh, COVID State Czar. “Reproductive value continues to rise, which is not good news. That’s the value that’s pretty accurate to predict more challenges ahead of us.”

James Hoyer, director of the West Virginia Joint Agency Task Force, said that while West Virginia has been very aggressive early on to vaccinate people over 65 against COVID, data from the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration shows that immunities are provided. due to the vaccines decrease over time.

The protection offered by the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines wanes after six months, while that of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine disappears after just two months, he said.

West Virginia’s transmission rate for COVID is increasing and on an upward trajectory as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and people begin to travel and gather.

“We have to act aggressively to not only get those unvaccinated people vaccinated, but also to get those boosters,” Hoyer said.

The Justice Department announced on Friday that 18 people have died from COVID in West Virginia since Wednesday, bringing the total number of COVID deaths in the state to 4,610.

“I don’t want to take it lightly that we lost 18 great West Virginians — that’s incredibly hard on their loved ones,” Justice said. “To say that’s better – that’s really hard for me to say that. But at the same time, it’s not like the time we read 110 names.”

He warned that cold weather is on the way, forcing people to be indoors and sometimes next to groups of people.

“It could very well bounce back the other way — instead of looking like it’s getting better… it could get really hard,” Justice said.

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