Covid-19 is moving towards an endemic from a pandemic
Covid-19 is moving towards an endemic from a pandemic

Covid-19 is moving towards an endemic from a pandemic

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (KKCO) – Cases of Omicron-powered Covid-19 are falling rapidly across large parts of the country. According to Mesa County Public Health, a pandemic turns into an endemic when the growth of a disease is no longer exponential in a region. This means that growth rates no longer rise in the air, and every day the cases remain stable or declining. Which Mesa County has experienced over the past month.

Mesa County has seen a daily drop in positive cases, below 100 a day for a few weeks in a row now, and health officials say the numbers are steadily declining. Based on this, experts believe that we will soon be moving from a pandemic to an endemic one, as long as we do not get more variants shaking the caseload in the coming months.

“In Mesa County, fortunately, we are in a phase of our last major increase with the Omicron variant, where we are on a downward trend,” said Mesa County Public Health spokesman Stefany Busch. “So we’re hitting really high levels, the highest levels we’ve ever seen in the pandemic about a month ago, and we’re riding a crashing wave, so that’s really good news.”

Stefany goes on to say that Covid-19 will still be with us, but fewer people will die from the virus due to their immunity to vaccination or from previous infection.

“Endemic, however, does not mean the end of a disease. In an endemic disease, a disease is consistently present, but more controlled than it was when it was in its pandemic phase.”

She also says we can still see outbreaks or seasonal variations in an endemic.

“When Covid-19 is declared endemic, it does not mean it is gone, it just becomes something we live with, such as an example of malaria.”

The decision to turn a pandemic into an endemic one is made by the World Health Organization, the CDC and the Colorado State Department of Health.

“What we know right now is our cases, hospitalization levels and death rates due to Covid-19 are dramatically lower than they were, and they continue with a downward trend.”

State models suggest that 90% of Colorado is immune to omicron right now thanks to vaccinations and previous infections. Even better than predicted a few weeks ago.

In anticipation of the endemic shift, the state of Colorado is now trying to figure out how it will outsource the emergency relief functions it currently performs to third parties, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The changes may mean that the public sees less of the state government’s response to Covid-19, as it transcends more of its response to the normal functioning of public health institutions. It can mean an end to daily case updates, while community testing and vaccination sites mostly disappear.

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