COVID-19 outbreak at Norwegian dawn – NCL remains mother
COVID-19 outbreak at Norwegian dawn – NCL remains mother

COVID-19 outbreak at Norwegian dawn – NCL remains mother

As of yesterday, there have been a minimum of about 120 guests who have tested positive for COVID-19 on board Norsk Dawnaccording to a trusted, long-term reader of Cruise law News on the ship who wishes to remain anonymous.

The NCL cruise ship left New York (Cape Liberty Bayonne NJ) on April 28 to travel to ports in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada), Reykjavik (Iceland), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Dublin (Ireland), IJmuiden (Netherlands), Bruges (Belgium) and Le Havre (France) with the end of the cruise in Southampton (England).

The NCL ship was denied entry to Bruges, Belgium, after which the ship spent the day at sea en route to LeHavre.

LeHavre was then also canceled today. The ship continued west on the English Channel before turning around to head for Southampton.

The guest on board the ship stated that “We will stay at sea until we land in Southampton tomorrow, even those who have tested positive will be allowed to land. The ship did a test today. Many more people have tested positive, although the numbers have not been revealed. “

Meanwhile, the Miami Herald reported an outbreak of Carnival Horizon according to a passenger who stated that about 100 guests tested positive for COVID-19. The Heralds article is entitled “Cruise reservations break records. Passengers accepting COVID-19 are likely to be on board. “

That Carnival spirit had over 100 guests infected with COVID-19 last week, as we reported – COVID-19 outbreak aboard Carnival Spirit – Carnival Cruise Line refuses to disclose number of infected guests and crew. Cruise guests on the Carnival cruise ship estimated that the eruption involved “more than 100 people” and as many as 200.

Meanwhile, Carnival expressed joy that it has consistently had over 100 infected guests on the last many sailings on its ships.

“Overall, we are very pleased with the public response to and support for our protocols, which have enabled us to be the first major U.S. cruise line to return its entire fleet to operation,” said Chris Chiames, Carnival’s chief spokesman. in an email to the Miami Herald. “Our ships are full and the consumption patterns on board indicate that our guests are just as happy to be back on board as we are to have them.” The article says cruise lines “report record-breaking travel reservations, despite COVID-19 infecting the vast majority of ships now sailing.”

Carnival, as usual, did not reveal the number of guests infected during the cruises.

“Throughout the ongoing pandemic, cruise lines have never publicly shared their respective figures on coronavirus infections among passengers and crew on individual ships, allowing passengers to discuss it and their experiences with the virus on social media.”

One passenger was quoted in the article as saying:

“I do not think people really understand what they are getting into when they go on a cruise. I did not understand what I was getting into, ”she said, noting that she was extremely ill with COVID-19 and left alone in an isolated cabin without anyone checking on her. “I really, really hate to say it, Carnival has been my ship that I have been sailing with for a long time, but I wish I had had a more positive experience when I was sick. “I have certainly learned that COVID is still out there,” Chatham said. “I have no one to blame other than myself. Everyone else did not mask. It felt back to normal.”

Last week, we reported that at least five Carnival Corporation-owned and Princess Cruises-powered ships each with over one hundred positive cases of COVID-19. Princess Cruises recently had COVID-19 eruptions with over 100 COVID-19 cases involving passengers on each of at least five cruise ships in their fleet of cruise ships, including Ruby Princess, Grand Princess, Caribbean Princess, Heavenly Princess and enchanted princess.

Like NCL, Carnival Corporation-owned ships (Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess and HAL) are all notorious for not revealing the number of infected guests or crew members. The Miami Herald added that: “Norwegian Cruise Line, another major global cruise line based in Miami, did not respond to a journalist’s request for comment.”

Unfortunately, unlike reporting on norovirus cases on cruise ships, when a U.S. itinerary is involved where the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will state the exact number of positive cases among both guests and crew members, the CDC will not disclose the number of COVID-19 cases to the public. It leaves the cruise line companies lacking in transparency and keeps the public in the dark.

After missing the last two gates, Norsk Dawn is now approaching Southampton. We are awaiting further information from the passenger we know on the NCL ship about the current number of infected passengers. NCL will of course not pass on any information. Passengers must collect such information by word of mouth or from postings on social media.

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Photos: MarineTraffic – Norsk Dawn position (screen grip); Norsk Dawn – Stephan Bleister at de.wikipedia – commons / wikimedia.

Update May 14, 2022:

“Belgium denied us access due to” COVID profile “according to the captain’s comments. The captain said it was an NCL decision to skip France. Voluntary Covid testing on board yesterday for flights home today yielded several positive results.

When the first humans were tested positive, NCL moved them down to deck 4, but then the number became so large that they kept everyone isolated in their own cabins. Room service is provided for the isolated passengers at the normal fee of $ 9.95.

The crew has been very professional. Our only problem is that they have not told us how many people on board are positive. If one of the doctors had not told me about the original 120, we would never have been informed. I’m also surprised that they did not impose masks on all passengers after the first test three days ago.

We just docked at Southampton. The positive ones will be the last to go ashore. The ship sent around in a letter proposing the DoubleTree Hotel at Heathrow for those waiting to test negative so they can fly home. The ship also offers a 50% refund on this cruise against a future cruise for the three lost ports. Dublin was also canceled due to rough seas as we were anchored out and had to bid ashore.

Although the ship did not impose masks, they left N95 masks in each storage room for voluntary use. It would have been much easier to announce that there was a Covid outbreak on board and mandate masks for all passengers. The test yesterday was, after all, voluntary. Those who did not take advantage could have unknowingly been positive as they walked around the ship without masks.

The crew wore masks every day during the cruise. “

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