COVID-19 receding in Lycoming County, but the pandemic is not over | News, sports, jobs
COVID-19 receding in Lycoming County, but the pandemic is not over |  News, sports, jobs

COVID-19 receding in Lycoming County, but the pandemic is not over | News, sports, jobs

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, Lycoming County has seen its 500th death as a result of the disease.

However, despite the morbid milestone, the number of COVID-19 cases at local Geisinger and UPMC hospitals is declining.

“At UPMC, we continue to see an encouraging decline in the number of cases in the communities we serve and patients in our hospitals in need of COVID-19 care.” said Tyler Wagner, a spokesman for UPMC Williamsport.

Hospital admissions at UPMC in the region have dropped dramatically, he said.

As of Friday, hospitals in the region were caring for 16 COVID-19-positive patients compared to nearly 100 just two months ago.

“While everyone wants COVID to go away, we need to be aware that variants like omicron will continue to circulate in our society and vaccines remain one of our best tools against the spread of the virus,” said Wagner.

The 500th COVID death in Lycoming County was reported on the Novel Coronavirus website.

Most recently, Lycoming County filed 28,212 cases and is still on one “significant transmission” level with a positivity of 6.7%. The weekly rate of newly confirmed cases was 105.9 new cases per. 100,000 people, according to the state Department of Health.

The department defines significant transmission as a weekly rate of newly confirmed cases per. 100,000 people over 100 or a weekly COVID-19 test positivity of over 10%.

Geisinger Medical Center facilities and UPMC Williamsport provided the latest patient and treatment data on request on Monday.

Geisinger COVID-19 data from kl. 23:59 Sunday indicated that while both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients took up on hospital beds, those who are unvaccinated remain the majority.

Geisinger lists 112 patients in the hospital, of which 88 – or about 79% – are not fully vaccinated, while the other 24 are.

Geisinger lists 24 people in intensive care units, of which 17 are not fully vaccinated and seven are.

There are 14 patients in respirator, and of those, 11 are not fully vaccinated, while three are.

For those who were vaccinated less than six months ago, immunity is higher, according to the hospital’s marketing department.

Geisinger data were collected throughout the system and include:

Geisinger Danville, Muncy Medical and Community Medicine (Scranton) Center, South Wilkes Barre Hospital; Wyoming Valley Hospital; Bloomsburg Hospital; and the Shamokin Area Community, Jersey Shore, and Lewistown hospitals.

Meanwhile, UPMC Williamsport and Divine Providence Campus, as well as UPMC Wellsboro, Lock Haven and Muncy figures on cases were provided.

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