Covid-19 Tracker: A slow steady decline
Covid-19 Tracker: A slow steady decline

Covid-19 Tracker: A slow steady decline

Good morning, Mission, and welcome to Virus Village, your (somewhat common) Covid-19 data dump.

Hospitalizations, registered infections, and positivity rates continued to decline, but perhaps at a slower rate (depending on the data source). R The number of estimates remains relatively low.

This has been announced by the defacto President of Public Health a fourth shot will be “necessary”.

So does the vaccine little to protect against infection but even the first two doses have shown long-term protection against serious illness and hospitalization.

If after two pandemic years, political officials refuses to take even the most modest steps to control the viruswe should prepare to be unprepared for the next rise (and next pathogen).

Global vaccination? Do not ask.

Official cynicism about masking has been a leading indicator throughout the crisis. Not only do public health officials refuse to push N95s to the public, they refuse to recommend them to hospitals at all at a time when hospital transfer is higher than ever. To me, there is only one plausible explanation: lack of profits for production and distribution.

BTW, after announcing the availability of N95s at local pharmacies, I have yet to see any in San Francisco pharmacies (although I have heard of someone who has purchased at Home Depot in Colma). If you have any information on where people can get N95s, let us know. San Francisco public health officials can not be bothered.

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