COVID-19 Update: Public Health Protocols for Summer 2022
COVID-19 Update: Public Health Protocols for Summer 2022

COVID-19 Update: Public Health Protocols for Summer 2022

Dear students, families, faculties and staff:

With the academic year 2021-22 officially behind us, I would like to once again express my gratitude for the cooperation and flexibility of our students, faculties and staff, who have committed themselves to the public health insurances necessary to maintain a robust academic experience in the field of housing. in the past year. It has taken a dedicated effort to get us to this point, and I am extremely proud of all that we have achieved together.

Looking ahead, I am writing to share updates to public health protocols for the summer of 2022 as the university continues to adapt its policies and recommendations to best practices for endemic management. It is important that these updates specifically address summer operations and do not necessarily reflect policies or procedures in place for the fall 2022 semester. We will share additional public health updates as we move toward the next academic year, applicable for the fall semester and beyond.

Today’s update provides information on the following topics:

  • Test services and requirements
  • COVID Level Masking Framework
  • Insulation / Quarantine Housing on Campus
  • Vaccine requirements
  • Updated travel policy
  • Staffing changes for COVID support functions
  • COVID-19 Dashboard Updates

Test services and requirements

With effect from Monday, May 23, the university will suspend test operations on campus. Testing services will not be available at the stadium or Kimmel during the summer months. Symptomatic students in need of COVID testing services can make an appointment at the Barnes Center by calling 315.443.8000. Faculty and staff in need of a COVID test are encouraged to use a local provider, your primary care physician, or a home COVID test. There are currently home tests available free from the federal government.

In light of the above, it follows that with effect from May 23, the University will also suspend the random monitoring test program for vaccinated students, faculty and staff and the weekly test requirement for vaccine-exempt community members. The university’s COVID-19 wastewater monitoring test program continues throughout the summer, specifically tailored to monitor campus facilities in use during summer programs.

COVID Level Masking Framework

That Frame at COVID level who are currently outlining masking requirements on campus will remain in place throughout the summer. As is current practice, the Syracuse University Public Health Team will continuously evaluate and recommend any changes to the COVID level and associated masking guidance as needed based on conditions on campus and in the surrounding community. Any changes to the COVID level will be communicated across campus via email, text message, social media and and sites.

Insulation / Quarantine Housing on Campus

With effect from Monday 23 May, insulation will be provided on campus and quarantine homes only for students living in Syracuse University housing, including dormitories and apartments. The University will continue to reserve a number of South Campus apartments for this purpose over the summer. Students living off-campus will be responsible for securing their own isolation and quarantine housing, if necessary, at their own expense.

Vaccine requirements

Incoming students from Syracuse University will be subject to the same COVID-19 and influenza vaccine requirements that were in place for the academic year 2021-22. For COVID, full immunization is defined as a full course of the initial COVID vaccine plus a booster dose, although this definition may change based on evolving vaccination guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New students and family programs will communicate directly with incoming students about the requirements.

Updated travel policy

With effect from Monday, May 23, travel for university purposes may resume freely, subject to customary approval processes. All travelers must continue to register their trip on Faculty and staff travelers are strongly encouraged to plan the possibility of incurring COVID-19 and the need to isolate themselves with consequent travel disruptions. Departments or entities that sponsor student travel must have a plan to accommodate any student who is to be isolated or quarantined during the trip, and be prepared to support the traveler during any incarceration. All costs associated with COVID-19 isolation during travel are the responsibility of the sponsorship department. International travel, which includes students, is subject to that of the university Travel safety policy. As a reminder, students’ travel to destinations classified as Level 3 or 4 by the U.S. State Department is considered high-risk and subject to university review. Those with questions about travel security issues can contact Seth Tucker, Director of Global Security and Support, at [email protected] or 315,443,1968.

Staffing updates for COVID support features

With effect from Monday 23 May, the university’s COVID Project Management Office (PMO), which has been operational for more than two years during the pandemic, will be closed down. COVID-related issues and concerns going forward should be addressed Barnes Center (student) or Human Resources Shared Services (faculty / staff). Contact tracing will transition to the self-disclosure method currently in place throughout the state of New York. The Syracuse University Public Health Team will continue to meet and advise management on COVID-related issues.

COVID-19 Dashboard Updates

Friday the 20th of May is the last update for COVID-19 Dashboard for the summer months. Public health information will continue to be shared as needed and community members are encouraged to continue visiting as the primary source of information and the latest updates on the university’s COVID-19 response.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message and for your continued commitment to one another and to the greater Syracuse community. Good luck to all our graduates and wish you all a safe, healthy, relaxing and productive summer.

Yours sincerely

J. Michael Haynie
Vice-Chancellor for strategic initiatives and innovation

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