COVID-19 updates, cardiovascular risk factors common in COPD and more
COVID-19 updates, cardiovascular risk factors common in COPD and more

COVID-19 updates, cardiovascular risk factors common in COPD and more

March 1, 2022

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Healio Editors compiled the most read news in pulmonology, which aired in February.

Highlights include a Q&A on a study that found low antibodies after the second COVID-19 vaccine in patients with chronic conditions; common but undertreated cardiovascular risk factors for COPD; high survival after lung transplantation for COVID-19-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome; feasibility and effectiveness of web-based prescription of smoking cessation therapy; and more.

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Read these articles and others below, in no particular order.

Oral corticosteroid use, prior asthma hospital increases risk of poor COVID-19 results

The risk of COVID-19 hospitalization, intensive care unit or death was increased for adults in Scotland with asthma who had a previous hospitalization or needed two or more courses of oral corticosteroids in the previous 2 years. Read more

Survival high for patients undergoing lung transplantation for COVID-19-associated ARDS

In a single-center case series published in JAMAsurvival after lung transplantation was 100% among 30 patients with COVID-19-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome. Read more

Major cardiovascular risk factors are common but still undertreated in patients with COPD

Among patients with COPD, major cardiovascular risk factors were common but inadequately monitored, treated, and controlled, researchers reported in Annals of the American Thoracic Society. Read more

Many patients with chronic conditions may have low antibodies after another COVID-19 vaccine

One-fifth of patients with chronic medical conditions who received two doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine had insufficient antibody levels at least 14 days after the second dose, researchers reported in Breast. Read more

Lung function may signal cardiometabolic disease

Pulmonary function levels can be used to predict risk of cardiometabolic disease and cardiometabolic multimorbidity. Read more

Web-based prescription of smoking cessation therapy possible, effective

An intervention that used smoking cessation therapy prescribed over the Internet was feasible and effective. Read more

Fine exposure to coal fires increases the risk of COPD in non-smokers

Exposure to high concentrations of fine particles from a coal mine fire over a 6-week period was associated with an increased risk of COPD in non-smokers almost 4 years later. Read more

High mortality, use of health care for patients with hypercapnic respiratory failure

Hospitalized patients with compensated hypercapnic respiratory failure have high mortality rates and health utilization, with higher elevated carbon dioxide partial pressure associated with poorer survival. Read more

Sleep apnea during pregnancy may increase the future risk of hypertension, metabolic syndrome

Women with persistent sleep-disordered breathing during and after pregnancy had an increased risk of hypertension and metabolic syndrome, according to data published in American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine. Read more

Programs that pay smokers to quit, cost-effectively from a healthcare perspective

Four different economic incentive programs for smoking cessation were cost-effective from the health sector’s perspective, but more expensive from the employer’s perspective, which may prevent a wider application. Read more

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