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COVID-19 vaccine for children is a ‘scientific miracle’

The first day Elizabeth Rigney’s parents asked if she wanted to be part of the Pfizer vaccine study, the 8-year-old gave a rather mature answer.

“Maybe,” Elizabeth said pragmatically.

The next day she came closer to a decision.

“Maybe, maybe,” she replied.

A day later, the third division team had made its decision. She would. She wanted the coronavirus to be over. Asking at Christmas if the COVID-19 pandemic is over hadn’t worked. But the shot might, she reasoned.

Elizabeth Rigney, 8, receives a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

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Perhaps the vaccine would completely eradicate the virus that made her virtually learn at one point and later leave her behind a face mask and five feet away from her classmates.

More than a week ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the green light to the Pfizer vaccine, in a smaller dose, for children ages 5-11. Mississippi began the rollout Monday. Pediatricians around the world were quick to support its use, saying the immunization will allow schools to resume normal activities, lower the transmission rate and keep children who do get the virus out of hospital.