COVID-19 vaccine status is not a factor in decisions – NBC Chicago
COVID-19 vaccine status is not a factor in decisions – NBC Chicago

COVID-19 vaccine status is not a factor in decisions – NBC Chicago

Vax status does not prevent the Cubs from signing a player originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

MESA, Ariz. – No Canada?

No problem for the kids when it comes to their decision on free agents that must not be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Team president Jed Hoyer said wax status has not been a factor in the Cubs’ goals as they, along with the rest of the league, confuse filling out lists after the lockout – even as a related travel restriction threatens in August with a scheduled series. in Toronto.

“I think there are probably teams out there that have a disproportionate number of matches that could be affected by it, and they might be thinking about it,” said Hoyer, whose team was among the least vaccinated in the majors last year. .

“In our particular situation, no.”

After two years of COVID-related shutdowns, safety protocols and vaccine regulations, most MLBs operate under a largely post-COVID

With two major exceptions: Canada and New York.

Canada does not allow unvaccinated visitors across its border, including baseball players traveling to play the Blue Jays, a restriction MLB and the union discuss how to deal with.

Early reports after the collective agreement were ratified last week suggested that MLB would place players not allowed in Canada on the restricted list of affected series (meaning they will not be paid for that time).

Cubs union representative Ian Happ said Tuesday he has not heard any decision on that as players and the league continue to knock out this year’s pandemic rules.

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Meanwhile, the Mets and Yankees will not be allowed to put players off guard in home games this season because of the same New York private employer mandate that prevented Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving from playing home games in the basketball season, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday.

As with MLB’s plans regarding the Canadian restriction, players missing those games will not be paid or earn time for the games lost due to the mandate, the Daily News said.

Because the mandate includes those who work for the city’s employers, visiting players are not subject to the same restrictions.

Yankees. who would be the team most negatively affected by three planned series in Toronto, “worked with City Hall and all other relevant officials on this matter,” according to a holder statement.

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