COVID-19 weekly update: Arkansas deaths exceed 10,000 | News
COVID-19 weekly update: Arkansas deaths exceed 10,000 |  News

COVID-19 weekly update: Arkansas deaths exceed 10,000 | News

Arkansas reached another grim milestone in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on Saturday, with the total number of known COVID-19 deaths in the state exceeding 10,000.

Two days after Arkansas Department of Health officials reported a cumulative death toll of 10,025 Arkansans, Governor Asa Hutchinson and members of the General Assembly honored health workers at the 2022 State of the State address.

In a tweet Tuesday, Hutchinson reiterated that the state’s death rate is high despite declining cases, and called once again for vaccination.

“We continue to see key metrics as new and active cases and admissions fall,” Hutchinson said in the tweet. “Unfortunately, we still see a high number of deaths, and over 81% of COVID deaths have been unvaccinated. It is important that we are all vaccinated.”

That ADH reported 44 new deaths from COVID-19 on Tuesday. The additional deaths bring the number in Arkansas to 10,141, an increase of 246 in one week.

Across the country, active COVID-19 cases fell by 1,727 in one day and by 15,750 in a week to 14,552 on Tuesday, according to ADH. Cumulative cases rose by 1,685 on Tuesday, to a total of 809,396. That number rose by 11,360 in one week.

Hospital admissions in Arkansas dropped to 1,050 on Tuesday, a drop of 32 in a day and 309 in a week. Across the country, 157 patients were on respirator on Tuesday, a drop of eight from Monday and 39 from February 8th.

State health officials had administered more than 3.92 million vaccine doses to Arkansans on Tuesday, with 370,780 people partially immunized and nearly 1.56 million people fully immunized, according to ADH. Officials administered 3,846 new doses – including third and booster doses – between Monday and Tuesday, with 19,871 administered in one week.

The nearly 1.56 million fully vaccinated Arkansans represent nearly 55% of the state’s 5-and-up population. Nearly 69% of Americans 5 and older have been fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Seventy-eight percent of Arkansas’ all-time vaccine supply – over five million doses – had been administered Tuesday.

Washington County officials reported 1,078 active COVID-19 cases Tuesday, according to ADH. Benton County officials reported 1,128 active cases. The total cumulative cases in the two counties increased by 850 and 912, respectively, in one week.

45 active COVID-19 cases were registered on the UA campus during the reporting period on 7-13. February, which is nine fewer than the previous week, according to the Pat Walker Health Center COVID-19 Dashboard. Of the active cases, 31 were students, one was a graduate assistant, two were faculty, five were employees, and six were not affiliated with UofA.

PWHC officials registered a total of 95 new cases last week, of which 60 were self-reported, 26 identified through on-campus testing, and nine identified by test authorities not affiliated with UofA. An additional 205 tests on campus returned negative to a weekly positivity of 11.3%.

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