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CPC Hails Xi as China’s ‘Keeper’, Attacks US and Western Democracies

The Communist Party of China also attacked US President Joe Biden, claiming that democracy was not an ‘exclusive patent’ of the US and the West

CPC Hails Xi Jinping As China's 'Keeper', Attacks US And Western Democracies

The CPC Plenum on Thursday cleared the decks for the elevation of Xi Jinping to the record-breaking third term next year and perhaps beyond. AP file

Beijing: China’s ruling Communist Party on Friday praised President Xi Jinping as its helmsman, an honorary title reserved for party founder Mao Zedong, and said he has become an “anchor” for the party and a “backbone” for the nation as he prepared for a record-breaking record. third term and thereafter.

The Communist Party of China (CPC), which has monopolized political power since the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949, also attacked US President Joe Biden, claiming that democracy was not an “exclusive patent” of the US and the West.

Defending party’s decision to bolster Xi’s status as core leader, Jian Jinquan, the CPC’s director of policy research, told a news conference here that for a party with 95 million members and the country with 1.4 billion people, “it is would be unimaginable if there had been no core of the party”.

It will result in a “lack of consistency and nothing can be achieved,” Jian said.

President Xi, 68, is also the secretary general of the CPC and the chairman of the Central Military Commission.

The CPC plenary, which concluded its four-day meeting behind closed doors on Thursday, passed a landmark resolution to cement Xi’s “core” status in the country’s political history and paved the way for him to reclaim his rule. to renew for a record third term next. year and maybe beyond.

The resolution — the only third of its kind in the party’s 100-year history following a resolution passed under party founder Mao and his successor Deng Xiaoping — was reviewed and passed during the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, attended by more than 400 high-ranking parties. civil servants.

Xi’s elevation as a core leader is the call of the times, the choice of history and the common ambition of the people,” Jian said.

“By firmly maintaining and protecting Secretary General Xi’s core position, the party has its decision maker, the people have their mainstay, and the Chinese nation’s giant ‘rejuvenation ship’ has its helmsman,” he said. “And despite rough waves, we can ‘stay on the fishing boat despite the wind and waves’.”

Mao held the honorary title of Great Mate for his long-standing leadership of the party leading it to take power in 1949 and ruling the country until his death in 1976.

Xi as “the core of the party, leader of the people and commander of the army is well-deserved. This represents the prevailing aspiration of the people,” Jian said as the once-in-five-year party conference scheduled for next year to mid-2020 year will grant Xi an unprecedented third term and perhaps a lifelong term in power like Mao.

All of Xi’s predecessors retired after two five-year terms in office. In 2018, China lifted the two-term limit on the presidency, effectively allowing Xi to remain in power for life.

While praising Xi’s leadership, Jian praised projecting the CPC as a democratic party and refuting criticism of its autocratic operation.

He specifically attacked US President Biden’s plan to hold a summit of democracies next month as Washington seeks to unite countries with democratic systems.

“Recently, the US organized the so-called Summit for Democracies to revive Western democracy. To convene such a summit against the background of numerous problems for Western democracies is such an irony. unlike other countries to bash and divide the world, which cannot be achieved,” he said.

In an apparent effort to project democratic credentials from the CPC, Xi voted in a rare move at a polling station here to elect delegates to a local people’s congress on Nov. 5.

“Democracy is not an exclusive patent of Western countries, much less defined or dictated by Western countries. The electoral democracy of the West is actually ruled by capital and it is a game of rich, not real democracy. Democratic models of the world cannot are the same Even the western forms of democracies are not quite identical,” said Jian.

Citing US polls showing 95 percent support for the Chinese people, he said, “China’s democracy is not only based on institutional procedures, but also full of participation and practice.”

“It is a democracy of both process and outcome and both procedure and substance. It is both direct and indirect democracy. It is by nature the democracy of the people,” he said.

“As to which country’s democracy is good or bad, the people in those countries have a say. This should not be judged by a handful of people from other countries, he said.

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