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Dad. doctor’s children part of COVID-19 vaccine trial

The doctor’s children were part of Moderna’s vaccine trial.

SAYRE, Dad. – As a pediatrician with Guthrie Health System, Dr. Andrea Worley constantly children with COVID-19. She and her husband knew early on that they would do everything they could to prevent their children from contracting the virus.

Guthrie is based in Bradford County. dr. Worley works across the border in New York.

She recently enrolled her sons in the Moderna KidCore COVID-19 vaccine trial.

“My husband and I looked at the data behind the studies and adolescent safety, and after doing a lot of research, we felt it was the safest choice and a lot safer than our kids who got COVID,” said Dr. Worley.

In mid-August, eight-year-old Colton and six-year-old twins Tanner and Sawyer received their first doses of the Moderna vaccine.

“They wanted to do this. They want the pandemic to end, and they want to have normalcy, and this was kind of their way of doing this,” said Dr. Worley.

Knowing that her children were among the first in their age group to receive the Moderna vaccine was nerve-wracking for the Worleys. But the doctor says they’ve weighed the risks and benefits.

“We know some kids have to be first. That’s how trials happen. There have to be kids who have to be first. We talked a lot with our kids. We talked about the polio pioneers and all the kids who contributed to science said Dr Worley.

The Worleys found out last week that Tanner was getting a placebo, while Sawyer and Colton were getting the actual vaccine.

“It’s really nice to know that they contribute to science, but they are protected at the same time,” said Dr. Worley.

dr. Worley says Tanner stayed in the study and got his first dose of the actual vaccine last week.