Dane Co. The COVID-19 case rate is higher, but its death rate is much lower than the state
Dane Co.  The COVID-19 case rate is higher, but its death rate is much lower than the state

Dane Co. The COVID-19 case rate is higher, but its death rate is much lower than the state

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – During the recent record-breaking increase in COVID-19 cases, people across the state who tested positive for the virus were 2.5 times more likely to die from the virus than those in Dane Co. alone . And that is despite the fact that the county reported a higher percentage of confirmed cases.

Public Health Madison and Dane Co. attributed the higher number of confirmed cases per per capita to higher levels of testing than the state as a whole, noting that the percentage of tests that came back positive was lower at the county level. A spokesman for the PHMDC explained that a higher percentage of positivity indicates that testing is not widely available and that there are likely to be undiagnosed cases.

So while several cases were found, Dane Co. pr. per capita a death rate associated with the virus of 3.9 per capita. 100,000 people since the increase began around December 19, the state rate is at 9.5. The difference in death rates can probably be attributed to the fact that Dane Co. is the most vaccinated in the state, the PHMDC said.

“(We) can not definitively determine the causal link – but our high vaccination and booster rate certainly plays a role, especially among the 65+ who are most at risk of dying from COVID,” the PHMDC spokesman said.

The new figures from local health authorities are coming as the Omicron rise appears to be slowing. The weekly data snapshot detailing these figures also showed that the daily number of two-week cases dropped by nearly 40 percent to 569 cases in Dane Co. pr. day during the last 14 days. The average daily case rate for each age group decreased, PHMDC data show.

The virus still poses a risk to the county’s younger residents, with the highest cases per capita. capital found in the age groups 5-7 and 8-11 years. Hospital admissions for children aged four and under are almost as high as the next five age groups combined. Six of the youngest residents from Dane Co. was in the hospital during the period January 24-6. February, while seven people from 5 years to 29 years have been admitted. No deaths were reported in any of the groups at that time.

Nationwide COVID-19 update

The health service’s latest daily COVID-19 dashboard shows that the almost month-long decline in cases continues with undiminished strength. Since January 19, seven-day rolling average has dropped every single day, plummeting from the 15,502 cases a day recorded at the start of the series to the 2,337 cases a day listed in Friday’s report. The January 19 figure had been inflated because DHS was clearing a backlog of cases; however, it was over 10,000 cases per. day prior to the data dump of old cases.

Friday’s 2,123 new confirmed cases counted by state health officials brought the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 1,365,185 since the pandemic began. With falling cases, the cumulative count line graph has made a noticeable bend from the steep rise of the last few months.

Cumulative COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin per February 11, 2022(Health Department)

Seven new COVID-19-related deaths brought the seven-day rolling average for this figure to 15 deaths a day over the past week, the lowest point since November. A total of 11,556 people have died from COVID-19 or complications related to the virus since the pandemic began.

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