DASD Adjusts COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines | Coronavirus
DASD Adjusts COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines |  Coronavirus

DASD Adjusts COVID-19 Quarantine Guidelines | Coronavirus

DuBOIS – The DuBois Area School District’s historical and current COVID-19 statistics for the school year 2021-22 were presented by Superintendent Wendy Benton at last Thursday’s board meeting.

“As you know, I’ve said many times while looking at state statistics, and because our district is made up of two counties, we’re looking at both Clearfield and Jefferson counties, but what’s really important are the 13 zip codes in as we serve the students, ”Benton said.“ Our school district is 258 square miles. We are in a fairly large district, especially within the area we are largest. So every day we look at the cases and we track the transmission. We look for rises, falls. We are constantly trying to see to see the transmission in society to decide, in anticipation of how it will affect us in our schools. “

Benton said the numbers are finally moving in the right direction.

“Last month we had talked about the summit, we had to get through the summit before we started making any adjustments to our quarantine guidelines,” Benton said.

“My recommendation to the board is that people with a confirmed case of COVID are required to quarantine, and we as a school district are required to enforce that,” Benton said. “But while transfer rates within our schools remain low, vulnerable, healthy asymptomatic individuals can go to school masked during the quarantine period, or if they prefer, they are allowed to quarantine at home.”

Cases, transmission and response criteria will continue to be monitored daily, she said.

“If transfer happens within the school, we will respond from case to case within that school,” she said. “For example, if we had an outbreak at one of our elementary schools, but we do not have any cases at the end of the other elementary schools or any of them, or maybe there is just a coincidence, we can really have a more tailored response to the precautions we need to take based on if we see transmission or even an eruption in that building, rather than having this district-wide carpet, a uniform approach. “

Benton said it’s her recommendation based on the cases, based on her conversations with the Pennsylvania Department of Health, with legal advice, the certified school nurses and Penn Highlands Healthcare.

“For example, if we happen to see transmission or outbursts, we always have the opportunity to be more restrictive in our response criteria,” Benton said. ‘So unless there are objections, this is my recommendation. I would like to have it immediately, and then have official revisions of the health and safety plan made at the voting meeting (this) week. “

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