Data from social security schemes show low expenditure Thiruvananthapuram news
Data from social security schemes show low expenditure  Thiruvananthapuram news

Data from social security schemes show low expenditure Thiruvananthapuram news

Thiruvananthapuram: Although the state has been enormously proud of its progress in the social security sector, especially during the ongoing pandemic period, government data on physical performance show otherwise. According to State Planning Council data, only 9.62% of the total funds earmarked for 22 social security schemes has been used for five months in the current financial year.
According to the data accessed by TOI, only Rs 15.44 crore of the total allocated Rs 160.46 crore for 22 social security schemes implemented under Kerala’s social security mission has been used to date in the current financial year. Even worse is that 10 schemes out of the 22 have not used any of the allocated funds. These include Cancer Suraksha Fund for Pediatric Patients, Snehapoorvam (scheme for financial assistance to orphans living in a family, with their relatives, friends or community support), Ashwasa Kiranam (assistance to nursing staff of bedridden or mentally or physically challenged patients), Sneha Sparsham (rehabilitation of unmarried mothers and their children), package for victims of Endosulfan, Thalolam (free treatment for children under 18 years suffering from kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cerebral palsy, osteoporosis, hemophilia, Thalassemia , sickle cell anemia, orthopedic deformities and other neurodevelopmental disabilities, congenital anomalies and accidents requiring surgery), care providers for inmates at social justice institutions, funds for early intervention district centers providing assistance to people with disabilities among flood victims and for flood victims education, research and new initiatives.
For some of the schemes that have started to be used, the costs are minimal. For example, the Samashwasam scheme, which aims to provide financial assistance to kidney patients below the poverty line, the expenditure is only Rs 18 lakhs (3.7%) out of Rs 5 crore allocated for the current financial year. The highest expenditure among the social security schemes is for a starvation-free urban program, for which only a minimum of Rs 50 lakh has been earmarked, of which Rs 42 lakh has been spent. The highest allocation among all 22 schemes is for the Ashwasa Kiranam scheme, for which 40 billion has been allocated. Rs., But nothing has been used to date.
Opposition leader VD Satheesan said that such a lukewarm approach on the part of the government to social security schemes, especially during the pandemic period, is unjustified. “Funds are set aside, but not used, which will mean that there is a serious loss of supervision of the schemes. It is in times of trial like Covid-19 that social security schemes become all the more important. For example, several petitions are seeking intervention to have the funds released under Ashwasa Kiranam, which would have been a great relief to the recipients, ‚ÄĚSatheesan said.

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