David Vassegh’s trip down Brewers slide has a horrific ending


Spectrum SportsNet Dodgers reporter David Vassegh was cast in a cast after his trip down the Bernie the Brewers slide didn’t go as planned at American Family Field in Milwaukee.

The Dodgers’ broadcast showed Vassegh’s trip down the slide, with the reporter yelling “Holy crap” repeatedly — before slamming into a retaining wall and immediately grabbing his right arm.

Vassegh, whose right arm seemed to get stuck behind him as he hit the wall, grinned in pain as he clutched his arm and rolled on the floor.

Dodgers broadcasters Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra couldn’t stop laughing, while Davis said, “First I want to say he’s okay.”

Vassegh then appeared on the broadcast in a soft cast up to his elbow.

David Vassegh goes down the Brewers slide
David Vassegh goes down the Brewers slide

“Hi guys, I do my own stunts, Tom Cruise style,” he said with a smile.

Vasseg reportedly said: he has two fractures in his right hand/wrist and six broken ribs.

“Skinny fat body can’t handle it,” he added.

When Vassegh interviewed Austin Barnes, who homered in LA’s 2-1 win, the Dodgers catcher said, “That one was for you. I know you had a little accident on the slide today. We’ve all gathered for you today.”

David Vassegh after crashing into retaining wall
David Vassegh shows off his injury
David Vassegh shows off his injury
Spectrum LA

“I tried @shaqtin and slide won,” Vassegh tweetedreferring to Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaqtin’ A Fool – a show that highlights the most outrageous and silly plays in the NBA.

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