DeLorean Alpha5 EV Prototype Unveiled at Pebble Beach

After an initial tease in February and a rendered full-car unveiling in May, DeLorean Motor Company today officially unveiled the real-life prototype of its upcoming Alpha5 EV at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance auto show in Monterey, California. IGN was there to see it, and you can check out our photos of the working prototype in the image gallery below.

The four-seat, two-gull-wing Alpha5 coupe is the new DMC’s attempt to revive the brand after the original car, the stainless steel DMC-12, went out of production after the 1983 model year when the original company went bankrupt. Here’s everything we know about the new car so far, including expected range, performance and price. The classic DeLorean has, of course, lived on in pop culture ever since, thanks to his starring role in the timeless Back to the Future movie trilogy, where he played the part of the time machine that sent a 1985 teenage Marty McFly back to 1955, then later to 2015, and eventually back to 1885.

DeLorean Alpha5 EV prototype photos

The true story of John DeLorean, the larger-than-life automotive engineer who climbed through the ranks at GM, creating the Pontiac GTO and starting the Muscle Car era before becoming the head of Pontiac and then leaving to start his own car company, has been narrated in a few media in recent years, most notably in the excellent docu-drama Framing John DeLorean, starring Alec Baldwin.

The new version of DMC that makes the Alpha5 has no affiliation with the original company, although it owns Classic DMC, the long-running service and restoration network out of Humble, TX that provides original, remanufactured, and new and improved parts for the original DMC models. 12, of which an estimated 6,000 are still on the road from the original approximately 9,000 built. (Disclosure: The author owned a 1982 DMC-12 from 1999-2012).

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