Despite lack of treatment, some US pharmacies report accumulations of Merck’s antiviral drug – Endpoints News
Despite lack of treatment, some US pharmacies report accumulations of Merck’s antiviral drug – Endpoints News

Despite lack of treatment, some US pharmacies report accumulations of Merck’s antiviral drug – Endpoints News

The federal government has sent only four shipments of Merck’s Covid-19 antiviral molnupiravir (approximately 400,000 courses in each shipment) nationwide, and HHS already reports that some pharmacies are running out of space for the pill because so few people use it. .

Once considered a focal point in the US Covid-19 armamentarium, the Merck pill is now piling up on pharmacy shelves, as both Pfizer’s pill Paxlovid and GSK / Vir’s monoclonal antibody sotrovimab are recommended for use prior to molnupiravir.

Merck said in its latest earnings call that it expects $ 5 billion to $ 6 billion in sales of the drug in 2022, although the effectiveness of the pill fell from an apparent 50% to 30% after the release of the final results of its crucial experiments. Doctors have also expressed concern that its mechanism of action may hypothetically cause new variants of concern.

Derek Eisnor, a doctor at BARDA, told state health authorities last week on a call“We have received some feedback from some pharmacies that run into storage space issues with molnupiravir and do not move the product as quickly.”

Eisnor also told state and territorial planners not to allocate products to sites that have adequate supplies.

With Omicron raging and slowly declining across the country in the past month, there are still more than 2,000 deaths a day as states have struggled with shortages of Covid-19 treatments and low vaccination rates.

BARDA is looking for next-generation vaccines in December next year

With a view to better understanding the advanced development landscape for the next generation of Covid-19 vaccines, BARDA released a request for information recently, to seek more information on which new vaccine candidates have a development plan, clinical data and demonstrated cGMP production level / ability to allow submission of an EUA and / or BLA by December 2022.

“Vaccines that have the above properties, improve efficacy, durability and / or coverage against potential variants and have planned production capacity of 50-100 million doses / month are of particular interest,” said BARDA. It is unclear which or how many companies have responded so far.

The US agency previously invested tens of thousands of billions of dollars into the development of Modernas and J & Js Covid-19 vaccine, as well as manufacturing for AstraZeneca vaccine and purchasing Pfizer vaccine doses.

Pardes will start a clinical trial of antiviral drug in mid-2022

Gilead-backed Parde Biosciences said Monday it expects to launch a mid-to-late-stage trial of its experimental Covid-19 antiviral pill by mid-2022, after announcing promising preliminary clinical data from its ongoing Phase I trials with healthy adult volunteers.

“We are very encouraged by these initial Phase I observations, which support the continued development of PBI-0451 as a potential independent antiviral therapy for the treatment and prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infections,” said CEO Uri Lopatin.

China approves Pfizer’s Paxlovid for adults with mild to moderate Covid-19

China’s drug regulatory authority has given conditional approval over the weekend to Pfizer’s Covid pill Paxlovid, which will be the first oral pill approved in the country.

According to Reuters, said the National Medical Products Administration that Paxlovid is approved to treat adults who have mild to moderate Covid-19 and are at high risk of developing a serious condition. Further investigation of the drug is still to be carried out and submitted to the authority, NMPA said in a statement.

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