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Despite these claims, do not eat cow dung to protect against the Covid-19 coronavirus

Talk about wrong manure. A video of a Dr. Manoj Mittal from Haryana, India, is doing the rounds on social media. This video shows him picking up what looks like a handful of cow dung from the ground. He then chose a piece, put it in his mouth and started chewing. Here’s a tweet with the video:

Oh shit, why would anyone do that? While your parents may not have been saying on a daily basis, “Make sure you dress warmly, don’t stay out late, and don’t eat cow dung,” chances are that eating cow dung isn’t on your bucket list. Even if there’s cow dung in a bucket, that doesn’t mean it has to get in your mouth.

However, in the video, Mittal apparently claimed that eating cow dung will help purify your mind, body and soul, according to an article in the Times of India. Hmmm, “purify” might not be the first word you associate with manure. For example, an air purifier wouldn’t be a machine that throws cow dung everywhere. Nevertheless, as the article pointed out, Mittal also claimed that everything about a cow’s body is invaluable to humanity. Okay, that’s a big leap from someone who is valuable or even priceless to eat their dung.

Of course, when you see a video like this on social media, you have to wonder if it’s BS. In this case, you need to determine if it’s BS, both literally and figuratively. There’s no guarantee that what Mittal grabbed in the video was actually cow dung. Cow manure can look like a brownie mix and vice versa. (Sorry to ruin your next dessert.) Also, it’s not clear who this Mittal is and what his qualifications are. Or even if Mittal is his real name.

However, this isn’t the first time some have advocated eating cow dung. In May, Sohel Daria and Md. Rabiul Islam of the University of Asia Pacific in Dhaka, Bangladesh, wrote a letter to the editor titled “The use of cow dung and urine to cure Covid-19 in India: A public health concern,” published in the International Journal of Health Planning and Management.

The letter described how “the Hindu religious system places great value on the products of cows. They believe that cow by-products such as manure, ghee, milk, curd and urine are purifying agents.” They wrote how “many people are consuming cow dung and urine under the brand name ‘cow dung therapy’ for Covid cure.” The letter continued: “Some members of the Hindu Nationalist Party demanded that cow urine and manure can prevent and cure Covid-19. That is why the Indian superstitious, fanatical politicians and some other leaders are spreading the spread that cow dung can cure Covid-19 among the general religious population.” All this despite the lack of real scientific evidence to support the use of cow dung or cow urine against Covid-19.

At the same time, eating cow dung can pose great risks. Cow dung can contain a variety of infectious pathogens, such as ringworm, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria, Yersinia, cryptosporidia, and filthy E coli. Some even suspect that the increase in mucormycosis (black mold disease) in India during the Covid-19 pandemic is due to the use of cow dung. Any faecal material from any person and of any kind should be regarded as hazardous waste and treated as such. This is why you usually put feces in the toilet rather than in your chest of drawers or your friend’s handbag.

The letter also warned that “the people who use cow dung and urine to boost immunity have a false sense of security. This group generally does not adhere to health guidelines.” In other words, don’t refuse to wear masks just because you’d rather eat or rub your face with cow dung.

The letter urged public health authorities “to inform people that there is no scientific basis for smearing cow dung and urine to fight Covid-19. The authority should also let people know that cow dung and urine are a metabolic waste of cows and that there are no ingredients to strengthen the human immune system.”

The letter added that “the government should ban any meeting for the smearing of cow dung and urine and positively encourage them to follow health safety rules.” This is something to keep in mind the next time you hold a meeting. You may want to insist on the invitation that no one comes smeared with cow dung. It’s probably a good idea to enforce “no cow dung” mandates in restaurants, workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools and stores, no matter how many people claim the “freedom” and “freedom” to cover themselves with cow dung.

Again, any time you see health claims about something like cow dung, ivermectin, or anything else, check first to see if there’s any real scientific evidence to back up the claims. It’s not a good idea to just try cow manure and see what happens. Playing craps with cow dung can be quite risky. Ultimately you don’t want to be stuck with a lot of BS

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