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Did COVID-19 Select Arizona or Was Governor Ducey Incompetent?

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

During horrific days, the worst days and the catastrophic days of the pandemic, Will Humble has been a voice of reason in the political wilderness of Arizona, mostly unheard of and ignored by Governor Doug Ducey and those responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. response from the state.

From the very beginning, Humble pushed for a simple, straightforward, fact-based policy when it came to softening the sweeping scythe of death wielded by the deadly coronavirus.

And while Ducey indicated early on that he would take that approach, he succumbed to the weight of misinformation, lies and political pressure exerted by everyone from former President Donald Trump to the anti-vaccine elements of the Republican party.

And in the process, he seems to have made Arizona No. 1…

… in death.

The leading cause of death in Arizona

According to a new report from the Humble Association, Arizona is the only state in the country where COVID-19 is the leading cause of death during the pandemic.

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