DNC Ad Slamming Rick Scott Targets Social Security Seniors

Social Security just turned 87. Now the Democrats are telling voters that US Sen. Rick Scott wants it dead.

A digital ad launched Monday by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) targets Florida seniors regarding a controversial midterm deal agenda Released in February by Scott, chairman of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. That plan originally demanded that all Americans pay some income taxes and that programs like Social Security might disappear. Scott has since drew those points out of his plan.

But the ad continues to hammer the senator as he leads the effort to regain a GOP majority in the senate. In a 15-second digital space, a narrator explains the Republican agenda as photos of Scott and the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appear in the background.

“The Republican Agenda? Reducing your Social Security and Medicare benefits,” the narrator claims.

Then more uplifting music, along with photos of the Democratic president Joe Biden meeting with seniors.

“But the Democrats are cutting the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and protecting Medicare,” the narrator continues. “In November, only one side is fighting for America’s seniors.”

DNC officials pointed to the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act as a sign of democratic policies that benefit seniors.

The ad will hit Sunshine State voters who engage in politics; the ads started running statewide just over a week before the primaries.

The coverage appears to be something Democrats want to repeatedly highlight between now and November, when Florida will hold a race for the US Senate and a race for the governor.

“Instead of celebrating Social Security on their 87th birthday, Republicans are doubling down on their ultra-MAGA agenda to cut Social Security and Medicare, which could jeopardize the benefits Florida seniors rely on,” said Jamie Harrison, DNC chair.

“As Democrats are poised to cut prescription drug costs and continue to protect Medicare for seniors, Republicans have backed plans that could reduce their hard-earned benefits — showing only one party is fighting for seniors in November in Florida.”

DNC officials note 4.9 Floridians receive Social Security benefits and 4.6 depend on Medicare for health care coverage.

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