‘Do not redeem social checks in supermarkets’ | Local business
‘Do not redeem social checks in supermarkets’ |  Local business

‘Do not redeem social checks in supermarkets’ | Local business

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services reminds that all checks for old-age pension, public assistance and disability assistance must be redeemed at commercial banks and any of the district’s tax offices until 31 March.

The ministry said in a press release yesterday that this measure has been implemented temporarily following the incident with stolen checks at the Sangre Grande TTPost Office on January 31st.

It noted that ongoing discussions with key stakeholders continue to take place to address the situation in an effort to protect both customers and retailers.

The Ministry again called on all recipients of these three grants to sign up for the direct deposit system, where the funds are deposited directly and conveniently into their bank accounts.

The value of the 1,836 stolen social checks was said to be $ 7 million.

Minister Donna Cox told the media last month that her ministry was informed that an attempt had been made to break into the TTPost store in St. Petersburg. James, and her ministry had been in contact with the Ministry of Public Utilities and TTPost about security measures to prevent such incidents. in the future.

They are also cracking down on the redemption of social welfare checks by unauthorized companies.

The ministry has temporarily put a stop to the payment check dated February 1 in supermarkets and other retailers.

Police are investigating reports of fraudulent conversion of social welfare checks from individuals and businesses, and the ministry is working closely with the central bank, the accounting officer and the tax department.

Cox noted that the ministry is also continuing its collaboration with the Bankers’ Association to ensure that it is easy to do business for all of its customers.

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