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Doctor Norfolk requests temporary ban on prescribing controversial COVID-19 drug at Sentara hospital

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – An Eastern Virginia Medical School doctor is suing Sentara Healthcare, arguing he should be able to use the controversial antiparasitic drug Ivermectin in his patients.

The side of the matter with Sentara Healthcare is that Dr. Paul Marik can recommend the drug protocol containing ivermectin to patients, but he cannot force a hospital to dispense a drug that the hospital believes is unsafe and dangerous.

That was the message from Sentara Healthcare attorney Jason Davis in court in Norfolk on Thursday.

That was one side of the argument in a Norfolk Circuit courtroom. Outside the courtroom, a large group gathered in support of Marik with placards urging “medical freedom” and other similar messages.

The chief judge of the Norfolk Circuit Court, David Lannetti, is deciding whether to give Marik a temporary ban, so when he returns to work in the intensive care unit at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital on Saturday, he can write prescriptions for Ivermectin. The drug is used to treat other diseases and is approved for them.

Lannetti made no decision on Thursday, but made one point clear.

“I’m not going to decide whether ivermectin is a good or a bad drug. I’m in the process of deciding whether the hospital can stop the doctors from providing treatments with these drugs,” he said.

The other side of the matter was provided by Marik’s lawyer, Fred Taylor.

“Hospitals should not interfere with the fundamental doctor-patient relationship and should not interfere with something they care about,” Taylor said.

Finally, Taylor said the doctor-patient relationship and rights should determine the decision in the case.

“We are for protecting the rights of patients and doctors. Giving access and information and choice and [emphasizing] relationships not with a hospital bureaucracy and not with a committee and a team,” Taylor said.

Marik said on the stand that he never wrote a prescription for Ivermectin, but was challenged by a Sentara witness who said he had written one.

Out of court, Marik told us he couldn’t remember issuing a prescription for the drug.

“I can’t remember ever doing that. They have a big posh commission, but these are people who have been busted by the FDA and the CDC by Big Pharma,” Marik said.

10 On Your Side, Marik asked why he thinks doctors should be able to come in and overrule the committees, which go through deliberate deliberations to determine which drugs are safe and which are not.

“They don’t look at the data honestly. They look at what the NIH and CDC say. If you look at the data there, [it] are comprehensive data,” he said.

We also received a statement from Sentara Healthcare.

The Sentara Healthcare Committee had in-depth discussions that evolved from Sentara’s initial thoughts on ivermectin in a non-approval capacity, to changing Sentara Healthcare’s recommendation of rejection of the drug for prescriptions.

They wrote to us: “Trusted agencies, including the CDC, NIH and FDA. All of these agencies do not currently recommend the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 due to a lack of evidence regarding its safety and efficacy.”

The statement summarized Sentara’s position: “Sentara generates treatment guidelines by involving multidisciplinary groups of clinicians in reviewing literature, standards of care and providing expert advice.”

Two people who stood outside the courthouse on Thursday supporting Marik were not patients of Marik, but said they had taken ivermectin.

Melissa Kennedy was on Ivermectin. She was one of 100 people who came to the courthouse to support Marik.

“I took the ivermectin that I use for my horses. I used it on my husband, myself and my two daughters without any side effects,” Kennedy claimed.

Next to Kennedy was David Uhr, who came from Indiana to support Marik.

“Just like them, I got it from the farm shop. There was nowhere else to get it, so it’s either you wait, and wait, or you take it. That wasn’t my first alternative… I probably took it 10 times,” Uhr said.

Lannetti said he will present his decision soon, but could not say if it would be before Marik returns to his ICU responsibilities at Sentara.

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