Doctors in Kalamazoo area call on community to fight back against COVID-19 – Community News

Doctors in Kalamazoo area call on community to fight back against COVID-19

KALAMAZOO, Michigan (WOOD) – As the coronavirus outbreak continues in Michigan, Kalamazoo-area health care leaders are expected to hold a news conference today urging people to slow the spread.

The press conference is scheduled for 12 noon at the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine. In attendance are physicians and administrators from Ascension Borgess, Bronson Healthcare, Oaklawn Hospital, and the health departments of Kalamazoo and Calhoun. The event will stream live on

Southwest Michigan health leaders say: the wave is stretching the hospital’s resources “to a critical point”. at the press conference, doctors are expected to share their experiences fighting the virus and explain how the strain on their resources affects care for everyone — whether they’re hospitalized with COVID-19 or for an unrelated condition .

It’s the same situation in West Michigan, where Grand Rapids-based Spectrum Health said last week it was… expect a record number of COVID-19-related deaths this month, and by the state, which now has more COVID-19 patients in hospitals than at any other time in the pandemic.

Health officials have called on people to be zealous about mitigating practices, such as frequent hand washing, social distancing and wearing a mask in public. They also urge people to get vaccinated, noting that while breakthrough cases are occurring, the vast majority of people hospitalized with and dying from the virus are not fully vaccinated.