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Doctors see no side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine in children

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Alabama’s vaccination rates lag when it comes to children ages five to 11, with state data showing only about 6%.

Doctor’s with Children’s of Alabama said they see children coming in with flu-like symptoms such as fever and dehydration. But they said it’s because there’s a lot of different respiratory viruses going around right now, not just COVID-19.

Children’s Emergency Room Fellow, Dr. Alicia Webb, said they are not seeing a significant number of children with COVID-19 coming to hospital at this time, but could increase after the holidays. She said many of their patients have already been vaccinated against the virus. Webb also said they haven’t seen many kids come in with negative side effects after getting the shot.

“There have been some reports of myocarditis, which is inflammation or irritation of the heart after the vaccine,” she said. “But there’s actually a higher chance of that condition after the virus itself. So we still feel that the vaccine is very safe and certainly much safer than getting the actual COVID virus.”

dr. Karen Landers of the Department of Health said the Delta variety is still the dominant species here in Alabama, but about 15 percent of cases in the states are in children under the age of 17. She said she is concerned about the new Omicron variant and encourages you to vaccinate your children before there is a potential rise.


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