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Door-to-door vaccinations against COVID-19 continue near Norfolk after mass shooting

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Minutes before Whitaker Lane in Norfolk became the scene of a deadly mass shooting, Pastor Geoffrey Guns’ team had just completed recruiting for nightly door-to-door COVID-19 vaccinations.

“It was a single domestic incident that does not reflect the life and culture of the people who live in that community. They are not violent people, but violent people are coming,” Guns said, referring to the incident that traumatized men, women and children.

Due to the violence, his team huddled with Sentara officials to decide whether to maintain, change or suspend the Young Terrace program.

“Sentara remains committed, we’re just going to explore some alternative ways we can get people vaccinated in the community,” Guns said.

Guns, who has been at the forefront of getting firearms to underserved communities, says other efforts to vaccinate the hesitants have failed when door-to-door clinics have. Guns says many residents have young children or are elderly and others have no transportation.

“I think door-to-door has worked mainly because we meet the people when we go door-to-door; we get to know their names and addresses and they get to know us,” said Guns.

(Photo courtesy: Pastor Geoffrey Guns)

The door-to-door vaccination clinics will continue, even for some who have no doors. The team has vaccinated more than two dozen people on the corner of Chapel Street and Brambleton Avenue.

“Sometimes people see individuals on a corner who don’t really think about it, but that’s a community that comes together there. You know, they might be drinking different things, but it’s a community of people and they deserve to be protected too,” Guns said.

(Photo courtesy: Pastor Geoffrey Guns)

Weapons call the community in Chapel and Brambleton warm and respectful.

“They call me Pastor Guns… they don’t mind us getting there. They respect us and one of the things they say is, “We appreciate you for coming… You don’t bring us anything, but you come because you care,” Guns said.

(WAVING photo/Regina Mobley)

His efforts don’t stop at Young Terrace. cannon church, Second Calvary Baptist Church on Corprew Avenue organizes a vaccination clinic on Thursday evening from 4 pm

For more information contact the church at 757-627-7222

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