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Douglas County Health Department Takes Over COVID-19 Services

The Tri-County Health Department is expected to provide all other services until the end of next year.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colorado — In less than two weeks, Douglas County’s COVID-19 services will transition from Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) to Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) as they prepare to operate those services under an amended intergovernmental agreement signed this week.

During the transition, which is expected to begin on Nov. 22, TCHD and DCHD will continue to work proactively to ensure continued COVID-19 services, including coordination with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

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DCHD will not provide COVID-19 services directly, but will instead outsource them to Jogan Health Solutions (JHS), a provider of health and medical advice in the region.

JHS will acquire services including:

  • Case investigation
  • Tracking contact
  • Isolation and quarantine guidance
  • outbreak services
  • Case management for individuals in isolation or quarantine

“As we work together to bring about this smooth transition, we are confident that Jogan Health Solutions will serve the Douglas County community effectively,” said Dr. John Douglas, Executive Director of the Tri-County Health Department.

“Our employees of the COVID-19 program have greatly supported Douglas County residents over the past 20 months with a range of services from working with long-term care facilities to schools and the community to slow the spread of COVID-19 . TCHD will continue to deliver all other public health services to Douglas County residents with the same commitment to excellence.”

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TCHD plans to continue providing all other public health services through the end of 2022 as part of the intergovernmental agreement signed with Douglas County in September.

The Douglas County Board of Health amended the agreement on Nov. 10 to reflect the responsibility of transferring COVID-19 services to DCHD.

COVID-19 testing and accessibility of vaccines will be offered across the province by a variety of providers, including pharmacies, local clinics, health care providers and more. TCHD will continue to support Douglas County through:

  • Administering COVID-19 vaccines and boosters at TCHD clinic sites and supporting community vaccination and testing
  • Continue posting data analytics for DCHD on the TCHD COVID-19 dashboard
  • Continue to post information related to community vaccination and community testing sites on the TCHD website
  • Working with schools, childcare and other businesses by providing all other non-COVID-19 public health services, such as inspections and foodborne illness and other communicable disease investigations
  • Providing resources and education to the community

Douglas County community members can call the state’s CO-HELP call center at 303-389-1687 for general COVID-19 questions or concerns. They can also get additional COVID-19 vaccine updates and find a provider by visiting CDPHE’s website at

For all other public health services, call TCHD or visit their website.

Douglas County joined TCHD in 1966 and pledged in advance to be part of the agency until December 31, 2022. More than a year ago, in July 2020, there were talks of a split with the department after health regulations were put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Those issues surfaced again when TCHD introduced mask mandates for young students in schools in mid-August. TCHD initially had an opt-out provision, but revoked that order and replaced it with a new order that does not contain that opt-out provision. That move came after both Douglas County and Adams County chose to opt out.

Douglas County formally voted to leave the TCHD in early September. Last month, Adams County leaders said they too would withdraw from TCHD, which had served Douglas, Adams and Arapahoe counties.