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Dutch road options to slow rising COVID-19 infections in children

Children are seen off school on a Friday after a nationwide ban on large public gatherings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Amsterdam, Netherlands March 13, 2020. REUTERS/Eva Plevier

AMSTERDAM, Nov. 18 (Reuters) – Virologists in the Netherlands have proposed extending holidays over Christmas to slow the wave of COVID-19 cases among children, forcing half of schools nationwide to send lessons home.

The National Institute of Public Health (RIVM) reported this week a record of more than 110,000 cases through November 16, an increase of 44% compared to the week before. The strongest increase occurred in children aged 4-12 years.

The number of infections among children of primary school age, aged five to nine, increased by almost 85% and increased by 76% among children aged 10-14.

“Keeping primary schools closed for longer is an effective way to keep the virus under control,” immunologist Ger Rijkers told Algemeen Dagblad . “Children are virus factories and infect both adults and each other.”

Not all experts say closing schools is the best option, but Marion Koopmans, a virologist and member of the country’s leading COVID-19 advisory board, told the paper that “we need to consider other measures” if rates don’t fall. .

All 12 Dutch provinces were expected to be dark red for the first time – the highest alert level – on a weekly chart published Thursday by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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The latest wave started after the government ended social distancing and other measures in September, a decision that has since been reversed.

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The Rutte cabinet has reintroduced the wearing of face masks in shops and has reintroduced a partial closure, bars and restaurants close after 8 p.m. The cabinet will discuss new measures on Friday. read more

Reporting by Anthony Deutsch and Bart Meijer

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