Establishment regarding foreign social insurance or pension system in Estonia – InsuranceNewsNet
Establishment regarding foreign social insurance or pension system in Estonia – InsuranceNewsNet

Establishment regarding foreign social insurance or pension system in Estonia – InsuranceNewsNet

WASHINGTON, May 14 — That Social Security Administration has issued a notice, published in Federal Register on May 16, 2022with the title “Finding regarding foreign social security or pension system of Estonia“.

The notice is issued by Faye I. Lipskyfederal registry links, law office and congressional affairs.

DATES: We implement this finding d May 16, 2022.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Icie K. Allen, Office of Income Security Programs, 2500 Robert Ball Building, 6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21235-6401, (410) 965-8945.


We find that according to the aliens’ payment provision in the Social Security Act (the Act), citizens in Estonia can continue to receive Social Security benefits under Title II, after 6 consecutive calendar months of absence per The United States.

This finding is based on information and data we have received about the social security system Estonia and its laws.

The Commissioner for Social Security delegated the power to make this finding to the Deputy Commissioner for Pensions and Disability Policy.


We are prohibited by law from paying benefits under section II of the Act to non-U.S citizens who remain outside The United States for more than 6 consecutive calendar months, unless they comply with an exception provided by law. We refer to this part of the law as Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANP).[1]

We have recently reviewed the Estonian social insurance system to determine whether it meets the criteria for an ANP exemption. This is a new finding of the social insurance system Estonia under ANP. As a result of this finding, citizens of Estonia may continue to receive benefits under Title II of the Act after 6 consecutive calendar months outside The United States.


ANP, section 202

To determine whether the social insurance or pension system meets the criteria for an exemption under section 202

Earlier, we determined that the social security system of Estonia did not meet the exception in section 202

The Estonian government informed us that they adopted an amendment that was effective January 1, 2018which allowed payment of all benefits outside Estonia. IN April 2018we received a completed SSA-142 report from Social insurance or Pension System, submitted by Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs. We initiated an analysis to reach the finding we describe here.


Section 202

(A) Pay periodic benefits or the actuarial equivalent thereof due to old age, retirement or death; and

(B) allows persons who are U.S citizens but not nationals of the country concerned and who are entitled to benefits in order to receive those benefits or the actuarial equivalent thereof while outside the foreign country, irrespective of the duration of the absence.

We find it, beginning January 1, 2018, Estonia met all the required criteria of section 202

Our finding that the exemption under section 202

(Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Program No. 96,001, Social Security–Disability insurance; 96.002, social security–Pension insurance; and 96,004, social security–Survivors’ insurance)

The acting Commissioner for Social SecurityKilolo Kijakazi, who has reviewed and approved this document, delegates the power to electronically sign this document to Faye I. Lipskywhich is the primary Federal Register Liaison for SSA, for publication in Federal Register .

Faye I. Lipsky,

Federal Register Connection, Office of Legislation and Congress Affairs, Social Security Administration.


1. Section 202

2. Section 202

3. 58 FR 11612 (February 26th1993).

[FR Doc. 2022-10440 Filed 5-13-22; 8:45 am]


The document was published in Federal Register:

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