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Eva Longoria Faces Backlash For Ignoring The Contribution Of Black Women In Biden’s Victory

Eva Longoria
Source: CNN

American Actress Eva Longoria is in big trouble after her recent remarks degrading Black women.

Eva Longoria Degrades Black Women

The 45-year-old actress has always been vocal about her political preferences. And she has always been an ardent supporter of Joe Biden. In fact, she was a part of many of his electoral campaigns and events.  And his victory is a matter of great joy for Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria
Source: Vanity Fair

And she expressed her gratitude to all the people who voted for Biden in her recent speech. But things went wrong as her speech turned out to be something racist.

So after the election results were declared, Longoria appeared on the MSNBC channel and spoke her heart out. But while expressing her gratitude she happened to degrade black women.

Because she said that the Latinas or the Latin American women had a big role to play in Biden’s win. With that, she tried to ignore the contribution of Black Women. As she referred the Latinas to be the women of colour and completed ignored the existence of the Black American women.

She even referred to the polls of Georgia. She said that only the Latina’s deserve the credit because they played a pivotal role in the election. As they have always been the victim of oppression.

Her Apology

Her recent statement has earned her a lot of criticism. Many people are calling her insensible and racist for her remarks. Thus Longoria decided to react on all the trolls and criticism she was receiving for her remarks.

In a word, she apologized for her statement. She said that she has never learnt to discriminate between people. Therefore racism is something she would never encourage. But she also agreed that her statement was not right. And she was trying to convey something else on a more positive note but ended up making a mess.

Eva Longoria
Source: AFP

She added that she wanted to talk about the contribution of Latin women but not by degrading African Americans. But her statement has been taken negatively.

She agreed that the words she used might have sounded racist. Thus she wholeheartedly apologised to the African American community for her negative comments.

Apart from that, the actress assured that she will always be the voice against racism. And all added that peace and harmony are what the nation needs the most.

Also, she added that she will always love the African-Americans and support them in fighting against the injustice they have been facing since ages.

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