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Experts urge caution at Thanksgiving as COVID-19 cases rise

Massachusetts registers the highest rate of new COVID-19 cases since February, raising concerns among some public health experts about the impact of holiday gatherings, even as Governor Charlie Baker encourages families to “enjoy their Thanksgiving.”

With nearly 85 percent of the state’s population at least partially vaccinated against the virus, Massachusetts is approaching the season in a very different place than it was a year ago, when the vaccine rollout in the country had not yet begun.

But despite those advances, several troubling indicators have developed in recent weeks, prompting experts to urge some caution when planning their holiday meals and gift exchanges.

dr. Regina LaRocque, a faculty member in the infectious diseases division at Mass General Hospital, said Monday the state is showing “some early signs of worrying changes in the number of cases.”

Experts urge caution at Thanksgiving as COVID-19 cases rise.

“Our hospitals have been stretched, our staff has been stretched, our capacity has been stretched, and I think we’re in a vulnerable situation with our medical system,” LaRocque, who is also an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, told the News Service. . “More cases means a system that gets stretched even more, so that’s why I really want people to hear the message that of course they should enjoy the holidays, but not be wary of us.”