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Extensive free COVID-19 testing on the horizon in Colorado

DENVER (KDVR) — Part of President Biden’s new COVID-19 plan includes free home testing and options at community health centers for those uninsured. The extensive testing measures will not come into effect until next month.

Until then, the troubleshooters found that the current testing landscape in Denver is complicated.

“In the beginning, when COVID-19 first started to hit, they had a lot of these stations [where] you could just go up and have a test done automatically… apparently you need to make an appointment now,” said Samantha Hudson, who tried to be tested outside Union Station in Denver on Thursday. “It’s a little stressful.”

Hudson, whose husband had a possible exposure, spent Thursday looking for her best option.

“We’ll go to Walmart and pay something like $20 for a COVID test,” she said, referring to a home testing kit

A simple Google search often leads to confusion about test sites that were open but are now closed. Others have found that big brand names such as Walgreens and CVS suffer from limited schedule times depending on location.

“It’s kind of everywhere,” said Garrett Bishop, who was tested outside Union Station on Thursday. “I even googled, ‘Union Station COVID check,’ knowing this was here, and it was just kind of everywhere.”

Bishop told Troubleshooters that he could get a free test at the Union Station location on Thursday. The same was true for Robin and Savannah Wood who flew into Mile High City on Thursday morning.

“[We] I had to scan something, type in my details and wait under a tent,” Savannah said. “Less than five


President Biden said he wants to make it even easier for those looking for testing options.

“This winter, we are going to make free home testing more available to Americans than ever before,” Biden said during an announcement Thursday before federal health officials.

His plan requires insurance companies to pick up the bill for those at-home tests and paves the way for the same services at community health centers for those uninsured.

Colorado is already leading the way when it comes to free home testing. The state allows Coloradans to request a kit by filling out a form on the state health department’s website.