First update on deaths in three weeks
First update on deaths in three weeks

First update on deaths in three weeks

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The number of new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Ohio remained flat in the weekly reporting on Thursday, when the state provided an update on deaths for the first time in three weeks.

The Department of Health reported 121 deaths in its first update on how many people have died from COVID-19 in Ohio since June 2. The state took a break from reporting deaths while a new coding system was implemented.

A statement on the state dashboard said that all death files for the year will be re-processed and that the state will not update weekly death trends until this reprocessing is completed.

COVID-19 metric Total Change (last 7 days)
Cases 2,831,228 +16.159
Admissions 118,756 +467
Deaths: dead 38,778 reach
* Ohio Department of Health reports weekly on Thursday.

The number of new cases is down just 10 from the week before, and new admissions were just 12 more than last week.

New cases remained in the 16,000 range after skipping 18,000 earlier in June. Numbers have been on one general decline, however, as new cases jumped from 15,000 to over 19,000 over a week in May. Health authorities warn that with home tests so widespread, it is not known how many people get COVID-19 and never tell their doctor that they are sick.

The Ohio Hospital Association reported that COVID-19 patients account for only 3.2% of inpatients in the state and less than 1% of those on a respirator.

And the Department of Health reported that 5,619 Ohioans had started the vaccination process within the last seven days, a period that included children under 5 be eligible for firing for the first time. A further 4,874 completed the vaccination process.

COVID-19 metric Total Change (last 7 days)
Vaccinations started (one dose) 7,353,149 +5,619
-% of all Ohioans 62.91% +0.05%
% Of Qualified Ohioans (Age 5+) 66.85% +0.04%
Vaccinations completed (two doses) 6,828,305 +4,874
-% of all Ohioans 58.42% +0.05%
% Of Qualified Ohioans (Age 5+) 62.08% +0.04%
* Ohio Department of Health reports weekly on Thursday.

The state breakdown did not include how many people 0-4 started the vaccination process.

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