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Follow the new Covid-19 variant around the world

The Covid-19 omicron variant has already made its way around the world.

Cases of the new variant, which the World Health Organization first announced on Friday, have appeared in more than a dozen countries since Monday. First identified by South African scientists, cases of omicron have been reported from Australia and Hong Kong to Canada.

Follow the spread of the variant with the card below. The data will be updated periodically.

ONE WHO report released Sunday said the ommicron variant contains a number of genetic mutations, and the organization said the variant has a high probability of spreading worldwide. But the organization said it is too early to determine whether omicron is more infectious, deadly or more resistant to vaccines than previous Covid variants.

The United States, Japan, Israel and several countries have introduced international travel restrictions in response to the spread of the variant, although the WHO has warned of such bans.

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