Football Story is a sports fantasy RPG coming to Game Pass

A soccer player takes on a mushroom monster.

Screenshot: No more robots

There is a new RPG coming out this year, with a football theme (what are the rules). football story is an open world game with turn-based battles and real-time soccer matches. Best of all, you can grab it with the Game Pass as soon as it’s released.

Football Story Reveal Trailer

You solve world puzzles and fight against monsters using a magic soccer ball. While the ball may seem powerful, you also need to improve your personal stats in terms of speed, shooting, energy, and power. In the main storyline, an evil company rolled in and banned football all over the world. As the savior of football, you must revive the sport of the Middle Ages. The storyline lasts more than 15 hours, but you can continue to play with up to 3 other friends in the local multiplayer.

Despite the global football ban, it wouldn’t be a football game without being able to play matches in real time. But the developers are not satisfied with adhering to the constraints of reality or social decency. You can exterminate sharks, ninjas, elders and toddlers in soccer games. You can even use your magic football to play adjacent sports, although the Steam page is not yet clear which ones they are.

My favorite part of the trailer is football story‘s colorful pixel art style, which reminds me of the older ones pokemon games on the GBA. But many fans around the world are just really excited about the premise of a football RPG. Europeans make fun complain that it is american football and not football, and half of the fans who are shouting about the game online are from Brazil. Obviously the developers have tapped into a underserved market of weebs who want their fantasy football to be a little moreā€¦ fantasy.

Indie sports RPGs seem to be having a moment. football story was created by a different studio than the developers of golf story, but there are certainly similarities in the pixel art style and the ball-based puzzle gameplay. Perhaps other studios will make basketball or baseball RPGs in the near future.

There is no specific release date yet, but you can sign up for the Steam beta on their website. The game will launch on PC, PlayStation, Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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