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Stimulus Check

Four ways Americans are leaving up to thousands of stimulus payments on the table

There are several ways that Americans can be rewarded with extra money, but unfortunately some don’t take advantage of them.

Multiple polls and surveys show that the vast majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

Some Americans don't benefit from thousands of dollars of easy money


Some Americans don’t benefit from thousands of dollars of easy money

So getting some form of stimulus payment can go a long way – whether that’s to help with a tough month or the future.

While a fourth federal stimulus check seems unlikely, there are plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of that will make you extra cash.

We explain them below.

Tax credits for children

Since July, child tax credit payments have come out in monthly installments worth up to $300 per child.

These payments are granted to parents with children up to the age of 17.

To qualify for the full payments, couples must earn less than $150,000 and single parents applying as heads of household must earn less than $112,500.

After the first month, direct payments lifted 3 million children out of poverty, according to a study by Columbia University.

But unfortunately not everyone uses it.

A University of Michigan survey found that one in ten eligible families did not receive their child tax credit.

As a result, those who qualify and have missed payments will now have to wait until next year.

If you qualify for the benefit, you can claim up to $3,600 per child on your tax return.

Money Back

Just by shopping weekly – you can be rewarded.

And depending on how often you use cashback, it’s fair to say that you can make hundreds of dollars every year.

For example, the major cashback site Ibotta claims that the average user earns $150 each year from online purchases and groceries.

And TopCashback claims it returns its average member $345 in cash.

Sign up bonuses

You would be amazed at how much you can earn by signing up for anything.

An example of this is that banks offer hundreds of dollars just by opening an account at the branch.

But know that some banks may require a minimum deposit.

Also, you may now be able to cash in if you are looking for a job.

Since there is a huge labor shortage, some companies pay thousands in hiring bonuses to lure employees in.

For example, teachers can get as much as $10,000 in sign-up bonuses.

Some cashback websites also give you bonuses by signing up.

Make sure to check the signup bonuses for anything you might want to sign up for.


While you can’t use money from a 401k account immediately (at least without penalty), it will benefit you later in life.

A 401k is an employer-sponsored organization that aims to help Americans retire with enough money once they stop working.

The biggest advantage of a 401k is employer match – some offer up to 5% of each paycheck.

Essentially – your employer gives you free money.

For example, let’s assume that your employer will match up to 5% of your weekly salary, which is $500.

Your employer deposits $25 a week, or $100 a month, into your 401k account.

Plus, it means depositing $100 into your account every month, which equates to a total savings of $200 per month.

That works out to a total of $2,400 per year — half of which comes from your employer.

If you use 401k through your work history, you can retire with a $1.9 million piggy bank.

However, a survey published by the personal finance site MagnifyMoney found that 17% of employees with access to employer-sponsored retirement plans do not contribute.

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We also explain how families with children under 13 can get a surprise incentive payment of $8,000.

Plus, millions of Americans may get another round of stimulus checks next year.

New ‘stimulus check’ is coming your way, make sure you are registered for child discount

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