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Stimulus Check

Fourth stimulus check: which states continue to offer money?

To support families and better position the U.S. economy to fight climate change, the House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better bill in early November, formally known as the Reconciliation Act. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration in the Senate. Households with children can look forward to an additional 12 months prepayment of the child tax credit next year along with other tax breaks and grants to help with childcare. Democrats aim to pass the bill before the end of the year, when the advance payments will expire if the extension is not passed on.

A measure that is missing from the proposals for a ‘care economy’ is a fourth national stimulus check.

Yet millions of Americans still struggle to cover regular expenses, put food on the table and pay rent, prompting calls for further stimulus. The most recent data from the US Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey shows that: eleven percent of households with children did not have enough to eat “sometimes” or “often”. When looking at food insecurity in households where respondents reported working, the percentage only decreased to eight percent, highlighting the impact the rapid rise in prices is having on US households.

Calls for a fourth stimulus check continued

Since late spring, the White House has made it clear that they are not in favor of a fourth stimulus check, but that they would support Congress if they decide to pass another one. However, with a debate about the president’s agenda is tense, many lawmakers who had pushed for a new direct payment publicly drop their support.

This does not mean that public support has declined. A petition to get monthly payments worth $2,000 reached three million signatures this month. Also a senior rights organization called the Seniors League began lobbying for a $1,400 incentive check to be sent to those on Social Security, as they have heard many seniors are struggling to make ends meet. Members of Congress have not yet responded to either attempt.

Which States Send Stimulus Checks?

Earlier this month, Maine Govenor Janet Mills announced that the state would send $285 emergency aid to more than half a million residents. The check is sent as a thank you to the workers who kept the state economy moving during the pandemic.

California experienced a historical budget surplus in 2020 and decided to send a stimulus check from at least $600 to families with annual gross income less than $75,000. Payments of $1,100 are available for those with children. Payments will continue through the end of the year as the California Franchise Tax Board processes tax returns and sends refunds to residents. Unlike federal stimulus controls, Golden State incentive checks can be claimed by immigrants.

Maryland approved a major poverty reduction measure in February that: sent checks up to $500 to Maryland’s poorest families and $300 to the poorest single petitioners. As part of the $1.2 billion state stimulus package, higher payments in the form of a tax refund will be made over the next three years. A family with two children with an income of $25,000 per year would receive an additional $1,100 each year. Maryland was one of the few Republican-led states to approve such a measure.

In June, the New Jersey General Assembly passed a State budget of $46.4 billion, including $319 million for tax refund checks to $500 for approximately three-quarters of a million New Jersey families. There were two entry requirements. The first is that a couple who applied together had to earn less than $150,000, or those who apply individually and earn up to $75,000 receive checks for up to $500. Second, filers must have at least one dependent child.

Thank You Bonuses and Incentive Checks for Hazard Payments

Some states have agreed to send incentive checks to teachers and first responders who continued to work during the pandemic.

Florida passed a bill to send $1,000 bonuses to first responders and educators. Governor DeSantis also offered $5,000 to police officers from across the country who want to avoid vaccine mandates to settle in Florida, but that proposal is pending regulatory approval.

Georgia, Michigan and Tennessee have introduced bonus programs for teachers in their states, but in the case of Tennessee, it came at the cost of a pay rise. Teachers in some counties in California and Texas also saw extra money coming their way.