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FPL workers protest COVID-19 vaccine mandate


Dozens of Florida Power and Light (FPL) workers took to the streets to protest a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. They faced the company at 80 State Road in Lee County on Wednesday.

Protesters say they just want freedom of choice.

“We’re not against vax. We just want the freedom to make the choice. There is now a stipulation that you must be vaccinated before January 10 or you risk losing your job or being fired,” said Greg King, the chairman of Local Union 641.

The local union chairman said the people in the crowd were both vaccinated and unvaccinated, union members and non-union workers.

Most were afraid to talk as it could lead to them losing their jobs.

One man, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “My wife is a health care worker and she just received her authorization letter. And we see that both of us are out of a job. And we have kids and a house and we have everything else. So it’s a difficult decision and it shouldn’t be forced on us.”

King claims that most of these workers have already been forced to work during the pandemic, so it doesn’t make sense to him why they’re being forced to get the vaccine now.

“We all worked with the remote locations, brought them home, wore masks, and you know, we got through it,” King said.

FPL and parent company Next-Era released the following statement:

We take our duty very seriously to keep the lights on for more than 11 million Floridians, which is an essential service that is the lifeblood of our state’s $1.1 trillion dollar economy. Providing electricity to Floridians requires that we do everything reasonably possible to protect the collective health and safety of our FPL family and our customers. That is why we demand that our employees are vaccinated. This is a scientific and data-driven decision that we believe is the right choice for anyone who depends on us to deliver their power, no matter the circumstances.

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