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Friends of Liza Morales Call Lamar Odom’s Claims About Her ‘Bulls–t’

Sources close to “Basketball Wives” star Liza Morales say ex Lamar Odom’s attempts to smear her publicly amid their child support war are “complete bulls-t”.

Morales, who has two children with the Lakers legend, filed a lawsuit against him in May, he claimed that he completely stopped paying child support in June 2020 and that he has violated the 2015 agreement for the past six years.

She says he owes her about $91,000, and that the family is in danger of being evicted from their Manhattan home if he doesn’t cough up some cash soon.

At a hearing on Tuesday a judge tore Odom – WHO appeared in a celebrity boxing match in June — saying that if he is “in good shape to participate in a boxing match, he is certainly in good enough shape to meet his obligations to support his children as set forth in the settlement agreement.”

And after the full blast from the couch, Odom seemed to respond on Instagram, saying: “I was never married to the mother of my children. I took care of her from the moment she got pregnant and even after I got married I still paid her bills. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR A WOMAN WITH BIG ASS “Once my kids grew up, my chores were done! I told her to go to work! MOVE to an affordable home, she wasn’t listening and it’s NOT ME!”

Their oldest child, Destiny, is 23 and their youngest, Lamar Jr., is 19. But Morales’ camp insists their agreement says that – although Lamar Jr. is over 18 – Odom must continue to pay child support until his son graduates.

Under the couple’s custody agreement, Odom must pay about $6,000 a month in child support, along with tuition and a premium for a $9 million life insurance plan.

Morales’ lawyer claimed that since June 2020, Odom has only made “sporadic sums” directly to Lamar Jr.

Odom added in his message: “To the [people like] Liza who sit on their ass and expect alms, who lie and manipulate their children, who use their children as pawns, who devise stories and scenarios to attract attention, may you seek healing and guidance for your brokenness – you need it .”

But a source close to Morales says his insults are far from true.

“This whole story that Lamar is trying to use against Liza is complete nonsense,” the insider said, “Ultimately, Liza has worked in real estate in New York City — one of the toughest in the country yet as the grind of it. Even now she works with the Department of Health in New York City, so don’t say she’s not at work and sitting on her ass waiting for a check.”

They also said she planned to move out of their $5,000 a month apartment.

“She was actually going to move to LA, but then COVID hit. That was her plan: to leave the apartment. But she wanted her son to finish high school,” the source added, “She was in LA filming a show [VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’] for its own opportunities and its own real estate branding capabilities. So she was in the process of getting her California real estate license.

The source acknowledged that Morales was a “stay at home mom” when their kids were younger, but added: “he uses that against her [as if] that is still the case when the children are older.”

Odom, who was married to Khloe Kardashian, struggles with serious substance abuse issues, which have been widely reported in the press.

The source said raising their children was “a tough job, especially dealing with an unstable father and addict who is in the public eye. It has caused her twice the stress.”

Meanwhile, Morales posted her own message on Instagram: “There are so many women doing the right thing. Really solid, trying to be cordial for the sake of the kids. Putting them first. Then there are the tough ones. Take a chance.” not to put me in that category,” she posted on Wednesday.

In his own post, Odom said, “Do I send my kids money every month? Yes! Do I support Lisa? No!!! And I shouldn’t be forced either!”