Full Social Security benefits for government employees unlikely

A crusade that has been simmering for 50 years is finally coming to an end, and it is likely to affect many older people on Cape Cod.

I get a magazine called The Voice, a publication for federal, state, and local government retirees. In the current issue, they admit that the decades-long struggle to end the provision for eliminating windfall benefits in Social Security can be reformed, but not eliminated. And then is the WEP exactly?

Let’s go back to 1982 for an answer.

Cynthia Stead

Social Security was in danger of failing. It urgently and quickly needed more money. This was perhaps the first warning that modern medicine and increased longevity were making the program unsustainable — many beneficiaries used to live not much past 65, but as longevity grew, the system had to pay out more and more. It therefore became necessary to raise more money to meet that obligation (the deficit expenditure was viewed differently at the time).

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