George Kittle, 49ers vets tell how Trey Lance will improve the attack

With Trey Lance poised to take over the center this season, the 49ers offense is taking on a new look and feel.

It’s something his teammates are certainly excited about, and a trio of San Francisco offensive veterans — Trent Williams, Kyle Juszczyk and George Kittle — poured out to KNBR’s “Papa & Lund” on Tuesday about the new elements Lance will be in the playbook. bring.

Kittle said he’s impressed with Lance’s development from last year to now, noting that it’s his “favorite thing” about him right now. And while Kittle expects the occasional interception against the 49ers’ elite defense in training, Lance’s confidence in taking risks is thrilling to the very end.

But above all, Kittle is eager to see how Lance’s mobility can affect the offense.

“I think he’s incredibly talented,” Kittle said. “What we could do with some of the run game stuff, we get into the void and we can run gap schedule power with him running the football, which you don’t really see a lot of teams do.

“Hey, you know what’s crazy, when you have Trent Williams, George Kittle, and our interior and Mike McGlinchey in control of the gap schedule, hey, good luck. I mean, especially if you’re going out against a penny or a dime defense. Hey, good luck with the blocking, man. Hey, have fun.”

The excitement in Kittle’s voice could be heard as he described all the things the 49ers can do to Lance — and it goes beyond his legs.

“He’s got a cannon too,” Kittle said. “He can throw deep balls. He’s just gotten better gradually… and we’ve got a nice 16-day block right after the third preseason game where we can really fine-tune some things and see what we want to do with our attack. And I’m really looking forward to that.”

In Juszczyk’s eyes, Lance’s ability to extend play with his legs is “very important in today’s NFL.”

“I think to be a really elite quarterback in the NFL — I think outside of Tom Brady, who is the best to ever do it — you have to be able to play,” Juszczyk said. “I think the highest percentage of explosive plays last season was on broken plays. And so to add that to a foul [where] we feel like we’re really good when we’re in the rhythm, and when you have that extra element of not being in the rhythm and being able to make plays, I think it can really add a lot.”

Williams, like Kittle, said he sees a difference in Lance this summer compared to last year. The All-Pro noted that Lance is making great strides by staying in the bag and going through his reads, rather than relying on his mobility to open a game.

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“For me, I think that’s the thing that gives us the most confidence in him because he’s actually working on that part of the game,” Williams said. “We all know he can run. We all know he’s mobile. We all know he’s a special talent with the ball in his hand, but the ball moves faster in the air than on the ground.

“So letting him go through those reads and hit those people and be comfortable with taking his checkdown, living to beat another, those are things he does. I think that will eventually make him a quarterback who can win many football matches.”

With Lance expected to start on Friday against the Green Bay Packers in the 49ers’ first preseason game, fans and the team will see the 22-year-old as QB1 for the first time instead of Jimmy Garoppolo’s backup.

And if Kittle, Juszczyk and Williams’ recommendations carry any weight, there should be plenty to look forward to as the September 11 season opener approaches.

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