Georgia State cancels Tennessee State game – Community News

Georgia State cancels Tennessee State game

The conditions are similar to last season, when the Panthers were postponed eight games and one game was canceled due to COVID.

“If you like the game, it always presents challenges,” said Lanier. “This is unique and unfortunate, but the reality is that I thought we got better recently through the experience. It’s a great learning opportunity for us to use what happened on Saturday.”

Though the final score against Rhode Island was 94-59, the Panthers struggled for the first 20 minutes, trailing six at halftime before the Rams pulled away behind a barrage of 10 3-pointers. The situation gave key substitutes Jordan Rawls, Evan Johnson, Kaleb Scott and Kalik Brooks plenty of work, and freshmen Jamall Clyce, Chien-Hao Ma and Danny Stubbs were able to play key minutes.

“I thought we got better with the experience recently,” Lanier said. “It was a great learning moment for us to use… what happened in practice leading up to that moment, how that played out in the game and then watch things on film and try to get guys to set their standards.” Even under those circumstances it was a good experience.”